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   Chapter 894 The Queen Can't Bow Down

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Knowing what Terilynn meant, Dixon cast a glance at the silent Carlos through the rearview mirror and answered after some hesitation, "Yes."

Terilynn covered her mouth in shock. So her sister and Sheffield had known each other for a long time. What was worse, he was the guy who got her pregnant. In a hurry, she took out her phone and shot a message to Joshua. "Sheffield and my sister are old friends, huh?"

But Joshua didn't answer her. 'He might be at work, ' she thought.

"Dixon..." Carlos called out. He wanted the younger man to stand by for orders.

But his voice trailed off as he saw Evelyn kissing Sheffield. The moment seemed to go on forever. The smile on her face widened.

Carlos changed the order he was going to give.

It was not until Evelyn pressed Sheffield against the car to wipe away the smears of lipstick from his face that Carlos said to Dixon, "Drive."

Dixon turned around and caught a glimpse of Carlos, his expressionless boss. He wondered what was going through the man's mind. So he wasn't going to clean the young doctor's clock this time?

The Emperor slowly glided away like a phantom, like it was never there in the first place.

Carlos stared out the window. "Don't tell your sister we went anywhere," he told Terilynn.

"What? Why?" Terilynn asked in confusion.

Carlos didn't answer her.

Terilynn thought for a while and said tentatively, "Dad, Evelyn is a lot happier with Sheffield than she is with Calvert. You can see it in her eyes, on her face. Stop butting into their love life. Just leave them alone."

"Humph!" With a snort, Carlos said coldly, "I can't just sit back and do nothing. That man is dangerous, and there's a reason he tries to make time with my daughter. I won't let her be hurt again!"

Terilynn chose to shut up and leave it alone.

Sheffield took Evelyn to the most happening place in Y City. He found a parking spot, albeit a few blocks from where he wanted to be.

He grabbed her hand and led her along the busy street. "Hungry?" he asked in a soft voice.

"A little."

He let go of her hand and took something from his pocket. He unwrapped and held it close to her lips. "Come on, open up."

It was a preserved plum. It was her favorite snack, so he always had a bag around somewhere.

Evelyn shook her head. "I've eaten too many of those today. How about something else?" The preserved plums were delicious, but there was only so mu

e she has two nickels to rub together," Evelyn nodded.

"Let's give her a leg up."

"How?" 'Buying her toys?' she wondered. But they were not kids.

A smile appeared on his face. He took her arm in his and walked towards the old lady. Pointing at the bubble wands, he asked, "Grandma? How much are these?" Sheffield called the old lady "Grandma" in an enthusiastic tone, as if he were really greeting his own grandmother.

The old woman was elated by his greeting and answered kindly, "Five dollars apiece!"

"Give me..." Sheffield turned around and counted the children behind them before continuing, "Ten of them, please!"

When she saw him counting the children, Evelyn had already guessed what his plan was. "Why ten?" she asked. There were only four children behind them. Even if they gave each of the children two bubble wands, there would be two more left.

Sheffield gave her a mysterious smile. He took out a one-hundred-dollar bill from his wallet and handed it to the old woman before replying to Evelyn, "You'll know in a minute."

"Keep the change," he told the old shopkeeper. Her face lit up. That was double the cost of the wands. "Okay. This better be quick," Evelyn said. But inside, she knew why he did that.

She guessed right. After getting the bubble wands, Sheffield gave each of the four kids two.

As for the last two bubble wands, he walked up to Evelyn and swung them in front of her. "Now you have a choice. Which one do you want?" he asked.

'A choice?' Looking at the two bubble wands with cartoon patterns, Evelyn refused resignedly, "No, thanks. I'm not a kid anymore."

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