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   Chapter 893 His Beloved Woman

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Evelyn finished checking all the documents in less than twenty minutes. She smiled, "Wow, Dr. Tang. You really are business-minded. I didn't expect this." She walked towards him with a document in her hand and winked at him as she said, "Ever think of changing your career? I could hire you to be my personal assistant, and you can help me with all this work."

Sheffield's heart literally skipped a beat. The way she winked at him made him feel like she was trying to seduce him.

He was on cloud nine, and couldn't suppress his grin.

Realizing what she had done, Evelyn lowered her head shyly. Her reddened face was again a turn-on for the poor man.

'Oh, girl! You are mine and I will never give you away to another man. Not in this life or the next!' he swore to himself once again.

He walked to her and held her hand. "I could do it. You know I would do anything for you." And he meant what he said. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her—his life, his career. She was his world now.

Evelyn blushed and covered her face with the document in her hand. With only her eyes exposed to him, she said, "Enough already! Do you want to go shopping or not?"

A big smile appeared on her face behind the document.

"All right. But you shouldn't tease me like this anymore. I might take you seriously next time," he said with a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Evelyn looked into his sparkling eyes and asked, "Why? You don't like my suggestion?"

Sheffield chuckled, realizing how innocent she was. "No, no. You can tease me all you like. I enjoy every moment of it."

A warm feeling filled her heart. She smiled and asked him, "So, will you consider my suggestion?"

"Of course, I will! I'll be your personal assistant when I am not working at the hospital. I could even be your personal gigolo, take care of you every day. I'll make you very happy every night and—"

"Sheffield Tang!" Evelyn interrupted him.


"Shut up!" she ordered.

"Yes!" He pau

ll know where it came from. I don't care, Evelyn, if people knew that you kissed me. But, I wonder..."

The smile on Evelyn's face disappeared. With a cold snort, she pulled out a wet tissue from her bag and tried to wipe the lipstick marks on his face.

This time, Sheffield dodged and said shamelessly, "No way! I won't let you erase these marks of love. I'm keeping them!"

"Sheffield, come here!" Evelyn chased after him.

Sheffield dodged her again, but Evelyn went after him. "Sheffield Tang, stop! Or I will not go shopping with you," she threatened.

He stood still obediently upon hearing that. Evelyn pressed him against the car and wiped his cheeks clean.

Tayson frowned at a black car not too far away from him, and then at Evelyn, who was playing with Sheffield. He wondered whether he should go over and warn them.

In the black car

Carlos was in the back seat, his windows rolled up. His deep eyes were fixed on the two people in front of him.

Dixon was in the driver's seat. After a while, he offered, "Mr. Huo, do you want me to...?"

Carlos didn't respond. He saw Evelyn's smiling face. He hadn't seen it in a long time.

Terilynn, who had come with Carlos to pick up Evelyn, saw the scene outside the car too. She asked Dixon in a low voice, "Uncle Dixon, is that Sheffield Tang?"

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