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   Chapter 892 Turning Into A Shrew

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8849

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Evelyn and Sheffield didn't expect that someone was going up at that hour. Coming into a halt on the 19th floor, the elevator doors then opened automatically.

There he was, Sheffield, standing with his back against the wall while Evelyn was trying to keep her distance from him.

But the more she moved away, the more he teased her. Holding the beautiful red roses with one hand, he grabbed Evelyn with his other hand and pulled her towards him, making her stumble into his arms. Afraid that she might fall, she then pressed her empty hand against the wall to aid her balance. She was just trying to save herself from falling, but in the eyes of the people outside of the elevator who witnessed the scene, it looked like she was giving him Kabedon.

Outside the elevator were two female employees who gasped in shock after witnessing such a scene.

Sheffield held Evelyn by the waist, and with an evil smile, he said, "Eve, I've already told you not to rush. Be patient. Just a couple more minutes and we'll be in your office. If only you had listened, then people would not be staring at us right now. Sorry about that, everyone. Eve is just busy taking me back to her office. Don't worry, we're leaving now. Please take another lift." Right after saying his words, he walked past Evelyn and closed the doors.

After the very unfortunate scene, the elevator went up slowly when

a rumor about Evelyn and Sheffield went viral on WeChat. "Hey, you know what? I just saw Miss Huo hug and kiss a boy toy in the elevator! What's worse is that the man in the elevator is not Calvert Ji, the heir of the diamond family."

"What? Really? How sure are you?"

"Trust me, I'm a hundred percent sure about this one. I think that Miss Huo isn't able to hold back her desire for the guy. I mean, after all, she's almost thirty and thirsty for some man. I just can't believe that in all places, she couldn't keep it in her pants in the elevator for some boy toy."

But the other female employee who had just witnessed the whole scenario begged to disagree with the rumor. "Why do you see him as a boy toy? I mean yes, he has that fair skin and the typical handsome face, but that doesn't make him a boy toy at all. Think about it. I think he even looks a hundred times better than Calvert Ji. With that, I support him and whatever they're having!"

"How could you even tell that he's handsome? Have you seen his face? He was wearing sunglasses. Let's be critical about this. What if he was wearing sunglasses because he has very ugly eyes? Have you ever thought of that possibility?"

"No, I doubt that. You should see how handsome he is. He has

ughly and carefully. The office fell quiet.

For a moment, Evelyn was mesmerized by the engrossed man. Sheffield was such a gorgeous man. It didn't matter if he smiled, frowned, got mad, or was serious, because every angle of his face was perfectly good-looking and on point.

As soon as he finished reading the file, he told Evelyn, "Well, I think I'm done. I'll start. Don't laugh at me if I say something wrong. Party A accepts this project, but Party B..."

He didn't say much, but his analysis was correct. Evelyn gave him a thumbs up for he seemed to understand what was happening to the case. "Yes. The estimated costs are too high; that's why we won't accept it," she answered.

Sheffield quickly finished reading the first file, followed by the second, then the third...

Actually, Evelyn didn't plan to show him that many files at first, but Sheffield was nothing if not efficient. Before long, he managed to finish all the documents in front of her.

Putting all of the finished documents in front of her, he reached out his hand to her respectfully and said, "Miss Huo, please check them out."

But it was not in Evelyn's intention to double check the documents, for they were all done in front of her. After all, she had paid attention to them during the whole process. Having no problem with his work, she said, "Okay. We're done with work. Why don't we call it a day?"

"Please don't!" With a serious look, Sheffield added, "Important documents require extra care. We are not in a hurry to go shopping. You should check them again in case of any irreparable mistakes that may lead to major consequences."

"Sounds fair. Okay, I'll check them first!" Sighing in defeat, Evelyn picked up a file and began to check it for any mistakes.

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