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   Chapter 890 Copycat

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All Evelyn could wonder at that moment was whether Sheffield was feeling guilty or not. How could she focus on what they were doing while her head was not in the game? She snorted and said in a low whisper, "Because you didn't answer my question." Her voice was soft and sweet, with a hint of coquetry.

Sheffield chuckled and nibbled on her earlobe. Her chest rose and fell slowly. His evil voice rang beside her ear. "You may continue to put your mind elsewhere, but don't beg me later..."

Evelyn's breath hitched. 'Would I end up begging him?' Every time they had sex, he wouldn't let her sleep until she begged him to. She could hardly keep pace with him.

The next morning, Sheffield got up before Evelyn.

He'd had enough exercise last night. So, he decided to skip his usual morning jog. He ran out to buy breakfast and came back to the apartment soon.

Knowing that Evelyn wouldn't be waking up for a while, he put her breakfast in the microwave. He also got fresh clothes for her, including new underwear. He placed them neatly at the edge of the bed.

Sheffield went the extra mile and placed all the skin care products he had bought in advance in front of the bathroom mirror for her to use.

After doing all this in complete silence, he planted a gentle kiss on Evelyn's forehead and left a note on the table for her before leaving the apartment.

As soon as he got into his car, Sheffield made a call to Dollie.

It was only past seven in the morning. Dollie was still fast asleep. Jarred awake by the continuous ring, she felt annoyed. But when she saw the caller ID, she quickly picked the call. "Good morning, Sheffield!"

"Good morning. Come see me in the hospital later."

"Why?" Dollie was confused.

"I have something to tell you. Come straight to my office when you get here," he said.

His ambiguous words misled her. She thought that Sheffield missed her or had forgiven her. "Okay! I'll get there soon. Wait for me," she said cheerfully.

After hanging up, Sheffield smirked. Then, he stepped

glance, Sheffield headed to the room.

But Dollie called out to stop him. "Sheffield!"

He stopped and tilted his head to look at her sideways.

"Have you ever loved me? At least for a moment?" Dollie asked bitterly as she looked at the man's profile.

Sheffield looked her in the eye and replied bluntly, "No."

She gasped and then yelled, "Then, why did you approach me?"

"Think carefully, Dollie. Who approached who?" Without waiting for her reply, he pushed the door open and walked into the ultrasound room.

Leaning weakly against the wall of the corridor, Dollie thought of the first time she had met Sheffield. She could never forget that day.

She had met him for the first time in front of her home. The man drove his white convertible into their mansion and she was impressed by his driving skills and style. After a perfect drift in their parking lot, he got out of the car.

He was wearing sunglasses and had on a sky-blue casual shirt. The first three buttons of his shirt were left unbuttoned, vaguely revealing his sturdy chest.

Standing by the car door, he took off his sunglasses and locked eyes with her. A smile crept across his face as he asked, "Hello, beautiful! Is this the residence of Mr. Xiang?"

She was immediately attracted towards his playful, charming smile. Dollie was completely smitten at first sight.

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