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   Chapter 889 You're Just Too Shy

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7969

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Without even raising her head, Evelyn refused Sheffield bluntly. "Get real. You're a doctor, so that would be great if I were sick. This is a computer, a completely different thing. Quit bugging me and chill for a bit."

After staring at the busy woman for a long time, Sheffield said, "Don't count me out yet. Maybe I am a doctor, but I know a fair bit about computers, too."

Evelyn didn't have the time or mood to bicker with him. She called the IT department and said, "Look. I can't get to my control panel, and I get an 'access denied' error when I try to open my browser. All my icons keep changing. When are you going to fix this? You don't know? Call Mr. Huo and ask him for the security suite's tech support number. Just call him. Star Anise? I don't understand what you're talking about. Just get ahold of him and ask him to repair my Internet as soon as possible! There are important things on my computer. Just handle it!"

After hanging up, Evelyn looked at Sheffield, who was unwrapping the desserts for her. Somehow, she felt annoyed and said in a harsh voice, "I'm not hungry. I don't think you get how stressed out I am. The documents are pretty important."

Sheffield gave her a soothing smile and tried to coax her. "Did you forget what I said? A few sweets will turn that frown upside down. You can't do anything but wait, so grab a bite."

The screen of her laptop kept changing. Each time it refreshed, the icons were re-arranged, and even the names were misspelled. Evelyn got more and more annoyed. "I said no, Sheffield Tang. I'm not in the mood to eat! Find something to do. Play on your phone, sleep, anything! Leave me alone, or go away!" she spat impatiently.

He lowered his head and said in a soft voice, "Okay. I have some work to finish up in the research lab. The food's here if you get hungry. Don't forget the milk—it's still warm. It's cold outside. You should bundle up—"

"Cut it out. If you're going, just go," she interrupted him. Her head was about to explode. If she couldn't get to her data, the loss would be unpredictable.

As usual, the smile on Sheffield's face didn't fade away though his heart stung at her words. "Yes ma'am! I'm outies."

He turned and walked to the door. Looking at his back, Evelyn felt guilty all of a sudden. She stood up and said, "Sheffield..."

He stopped, but he didn't turn around, waiting fo


He took her hand and pulled her into his bedroom. "And it's your kid? Is she telling the truth?" she asked in reply.

Strictly speaking, this was the first time she had been in Sheffield's bedroom.

The decoration was modern. The room was mainly decorated black and gray. There were a lot of cabinets. And most of the things inside were not ordinary.

Evelyn took a closer look at the things in the cabinets. There was a cabinet of racer models. Next to it was a cabinet of various kinds of trophies—racing trophies, piano trophies, paper awards, certificates of honor, and so on.

He pressed her against a cabinet, his body against hers. His warm breath sprayed on her face. "Do you believe her or me?" he asked in a sexy voice.

"I trust you, of course." Evelyn never completely trusted Dollie. Actually, she asked him this question for two reasons. One was that she had found an excuse to come to his apartment, and the other was that it would be better if Sheffield told her personally that he was done with Dollie.

However, to her disappointment, Sheffield was not a man to play by the rules. "Evelyn, I know you love me. You even come and sleep with me when you have time." Then he kissed her on her red lips.

'What? He hasn't answered my question yet!

Why didn't he answer me? Is he feeling guilty?' she thought to herself.

More than ten minutes later, beads of sweat began to form on the forehead of Sheffield as he was advancing on top of her. He discontentedly looked at the woman under him and said, "Doesn't look like you're into it. Something wrong?"

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