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   Chapter 888 A Very Good Impression

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When Evelyn was about to get into the car with Calvert, Sheffield came over to the black Emperor and knocked on the car window. "Mr. Huo, can we talk?" he asked in a relaxed tone.

"You messed up my son-in-law's big moment, when he was going to propose to my daughter. What makes you think I want to talk to you?"

Leaning against the car door, Sheffield threw a glance at Evelyn, who waited outside Calvert's car. She seemed to be worried about him and her father getting into a fight again. Sheffield then said with a smile, "Mr. Huo, let's get to the point. I love your daughter. And I will for my whole life. You can do anything you want, but you can't take my life."

"Think you can bargain with me? I guess I need to be meaner to you, so you'll get the point," Carlos snorted.

Sheffield raised his brows at the woman wearing a worried face. "My life belongs to your daughter. You can't take it away. I don't get it, Mr. Huo. Why do you not want us to be together? She'll have one more guy to love her and protect her. Isn't that a good thing for your daughter? Why are you so against a guy caring for your daughter?"

Carlos sneered, "There are lots of people who care about Evelyn. Don't you get it? I hate you. Sheffield Tang, stay away from my daughter from now on, or I'll ruin your future. There are things worse than death."

Head resting in his hand, elbow on the car door, Sheffield said, "Well, ruin my future if you want. But you know I'm a doctor, right? You ruin me, then you put thousands of families that need my skills in danger. They need me to save their lives. You can't be that mean, can you, Mr. Huo?"

"Wrong. Thousands or millions. I'd sacrifice all of them, if it meant you couldn't hurt my daughter anymore."

'I hurt Evelyn?' With a mischievous smile, he drew his face closer to the car window and said, "Mr. Huo, how could I hurt her? I love her too much to do that. To be honest, she hurt me... Scratch that—you're the one who keeps hurting me! Evelyn wouldn't hurt me."

The concert was over and people started to walk out of the concert hall.

Evelyn noticed the confused gazes from the crowd and had to get in Calvert's car. She didn't want to, but she didn't want the attention, either.

As soon as Calvert drove away, Carlos played his card

nd turn it down.

"I've heard that there's a new French dessert shop on Media Road and business is booming. I'll pick up one of their desserts for you next time I come. Thanks for your hard work, Miss Hua. I'm going in now!"

"Wait... Mr. Tang..." Nadia watched the man slip into Evelyn's office as fast as a rabbit, and then took a look at the food he left. She couldn't help but sigh resignedly.

'Miss Huo and Mr. Tang have a special relationship. I think I'll leave them alone, ' she mused.

'I'll take off work after chowing down on this. If Mr. Huo asks about it, I can pretend to know nothing about it.'

At the thought of this, Nadia opened the paper bag and then the boxes. The food inside made her mutter in surprise, "Wow! It looks delicious! The packaging is pretty high-end. He must have spent a fortune on this. I know we're supposed to kick him out, but he's a really great guy!" Clean-shaven, handsome, generous, and friendly. Nadia didn't see anything to object to there. He'd made a very good impression on her.

When he pushed open the door to Evelyn's office, Sheffield saw the woman staring anxiously at her laptop. Hearing the noise, she looked towards the door and said, "Hold on. Ugh! This is so frustrating!"

After putting the other paper bag on her desk, he leaned forward and asked, "What's wrong? Eve?"

Evelyn rubbed her aching temples. "Nothing. Something's wrong with my laptop."

She looked as if she had been through a lot. "Anything I can do to help?" asked Sheffield directly.

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