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   Chapter 887 Dollie's Choice

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"It's Sheffield's kid," Dollie said with a smug smile while paying attention to what was happening behind her.

It was rare for Evelyn to smile around her. She approached Dollie in high heels. Dollie took a step back warily, covering her belly. "What do you want?" she asked.

"What do I want?" Despite Dollie's reluctance, Evelyn took another step forward and reached out her hand to touch her belly. "Why not share your good luck with me? That way he can get me pregnant too. Miss Xiang, if Sheffield knocks me up, who do you think he will marry: me or you?"

It never occurred to Dollie Evelyn would react like this. She had thought Evelyn would fly into a rage and dump Sheffield. "Sounds like you don't mind me having his baby," she said in a shrill voice. She glanced at Calvert and added, "Or are you two-timing Sheffield, Miss Huo?"

Calvert was on a phone call with his father, Langston, so he didn't pay much attention to what the two women were talking about.

Brushing off her words, Evelyn fired back, "Now that you're pregnant, you'd better stay home and not go out so much. You wouldn't want to miscarry. Think Sheffield will care if you lose the baby? I don't think so. Take care of yourself, Dollie. If it's a boy, you might be rich the rest of your life."

Evelyn's tone made Dollie very angry. Not only was she insinuating Dollie was a mistress, but also implied that the only reason Sheffield was around was the baby in her belly. This drove Dollie crazy.

Dollie balled her hands into fists, blazing with jealousy. Her face contorted. She'd known for a while how much Sheffield loved Evelyn. It was impossible for him to give up on Evelyn, so she was trying to trick the CEO into dumping him. "Miss Huo, you really don't mind Sheffield being a manslut? I find that hard to believe!" Dollie spat.

"Men always fool around before they get married, and they pick up a lot of mistresses along the way. After all, he has a pretty face. But has he ever picked just one girl? Or did

ts? Who told you he could do that?''

The fact that he addressed her father by his full name really shocked Dollie. He had never called Sidell by his name. She didn't know this guy anymore.

Her gut clenched when she saw his expression. "Sheffield, I... I'll apologize to Evelyn."

"Too little, too late! Get lost!" Sheffield snorted. He grabbed Evelyn's wrist and was about to escort her to his car.

But when they turned around, they saw a black Emperor parked nearby. The back window was half-open. There was a man inside.

When Evelyn saw the car, her heart skipped a beat. It was Carlos' car! She wrenched her hand free and told Sheffield in a low voice, "Go. He might not see you."

At the same time, Calvert caught up to them. He hadn't seen Carlos' car yet. Phone in hand, he came up to Evelyn and said softly, "Let me drive you home."

Evelyn wanted to turn him down, but she knew Carlos was watching her. She nodded and said, "Okay."

But before she could do anything, Sheffield grabbed her hand and said resignedly, "Baby, I'm not afraid of your dad. Really!"

'But I am. When he gets mad, he will do something really messed up!' Evelyn bit her lower lip and freed her hand. "I'll be okay. Just go!" When she saw Carlos, she was scared to death. If Carlos hurt him again...well, she didn't know what she'd do.

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