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   Chapter 886 I Don't Need Him

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:12

Blushing, Evelyn wanted to say something, but Sheffield interrupted her. With his intent gaze focused on her, Sheffield continued, "He's a zero, not a hero. He can't even play a level nine etude. Stick with me and I'll play you a level ten piece every day. Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Jimmy...pick your poison and I'll play it for you."

"Sheffield!" Evelyn called out in a hushed voice. "Hey, cut it out..."

Sheffield was too bold. There were thousands of people watching them. He wasn't shy because of the attention. On the contrary, it fired him up.

"I'm not messing around. Evelyn, if you don't believe me, you can ask Jimmy, that old guy, if I can play his compositions."

'That old guy?' The audience in the concert hall burst into an uproar when they heard how Sheffield addressed the well-known pianist. They were laughing—mostly.

Finally, Jimmy took the chance to walk onstage. He strode over and rapped his knuckles against Sheffield's head. "Brat! Come to ruin my concert again?"

Not only Evelyn, but everyone else stood there, mouths agape.

Everyone was whispering to one another. "Who is that guy?" "Why is he trying to ruin Maestro Jimmy's performance?" "Do they know each other?"

As the scene unfolded in front of him, Calvert's face darkened. 'Obviously, that asshole knows Jimmy pretty well, ' he thought.

Sheffield massaged his head as he pleaded, "I'm sorry, master. Please, give me one more minute. I just want to ask my girlfriend to marry me."

Before Jimmy could say anything, Sheffield had already reached out to Evelyn and said, "Evelyn, I want to marry you. But I haven't had a chance to get rings yet. Can you say yes first? I'll buy the rings later, I swear."

Evelyn was a little worried. "What are you doing? My dad..." she reminded Sheffield in a low voice.

"Evelyn, I mean it," he said sincerely, smiling.

The young CEO was embarrassed. But, the audience didn't mind. They just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Just then, another person broke from the throng. She lifted the hemline of her dress as she walked onstage. "Sheffield."

Dollie walked towards them with deliberate steps. Seeing her, Sheffield frowned sligh

w much you'll need to finish your project. It's several billion dollars..."

"So what?"

Evelyn turned a corner and disappeared from Sheffield's sight. Dollie threw a glance at Sheffield, who was still talking to the young man, and decided to catch up with Evelyn.

When there were only the two of them left, Sheffield stopped smiling and scoffed, "So, tell me: why me? Do I know him? Does he know me?"

The person was not annoyed by his words. When he remembered what his boss told him, he didn't try to persuade Sheffield any further. "You have a bright future ahead of you, Mr. Tang, if you don't screw things up..."

"It's none of his business. Let me say it one last time, butt out! I don't want any help!" After saying that, he stalked off to join the others, leaving that young man there alone.

Just as they got to the car, Dollie stopped Evelyn. "Miss Huo, I have something to tell you." She didn't wait for Sheffield because she had been waiting for a chance to talk to Evelyn alone. Without Sheffield around.

Evelyn turned to look at her and replied indifferently, "I don't think we have anything to talk about."

Calvert opened the car door and was waiting for her to get in.

Looking at the arrogant Evelyn, Dollie didn't get angry. Instead, she put her hand on her own belly and asked happily, "Miss Huo, did you know I'm pregnant?"

Evelyn glanced at her flat belly and asked calmly, "Okay, and? Where are you going with this?"

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