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   Chapter 885 The Piano And The Proposal

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"Hello? Sheffield, are you still there?" Evelyn asked softly when Sheffield didn't answer.

He came back to his senses and took a deep breath before replying, "It doesn't matter, Evelyn. Just go ahead with your own business." Without waiting for her answer, he hung up.

Evelyn stared blankly at her phone. 'What's wrong with him? He is being really weird, ' she wondered with a frown.

It was ten minutes to seven o'clock, and three-fourths of the hall was filled with audience. Behind the music hall, Sheffield leaned against the wall and continued to smoke his cigarettes, one after the other.

When he was done with the last one, he took a few puffs and stubbed it out before striding into the hall.

His seat was in the middle of the third row. The seats around him were filled, except the two in the middle.

He fixed his eyes on the first row. In the dead-center of the first row was a woman in a beautiful white dress, along with a man in a black tux.

There were several reporters not too far away from Calvert and Evelyn. The two of them were continuously being photographed.

The concert began at seven o'clock sharp. Jimmy, the piano maestro, stepped onto the stage and the hall fell silent at once.

Evelyn's heart was not in the music. She couldn't help but reach for her phone. Sheffield had sounded rather weird when they had spoken earlier. She wanted to text him to check what was going on.

"Evelyn, what's wrong?" Calvert leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

They were so close that from where Sheffield sat, it looked like they were having an intimate moment. His heart stung.

Evelyn put her phone away. She distanced herself from Calvert and said coldly, "Nothing."


After his performance, Jimmy announced, "We have a special program for you, while I take a small break. Enjoy the show, ladies and gentleman!"

Evelyn was lost in her own thoughts when Calvert stood up from his seat. Under everyone's confused gaze, he walked onto the stage and shook hands with Jimmy. After sharing a few words with him, the pianist walked off the stage and Calver

way from the man in front of the piano. Calvert stood up from the floor and looked at Sheffield with a murderous aura.

But Sheffield didn't seem to notice. He slowly glided his fingers along the piano keys.

Many professionals and enthusiasts in the audience knew at once which piece he was playing as soon as he began the first note.

"Grande Valse Brillante! I can't believe my ears. He is very talented!"

"Wow. Such a beautiful tone, and he's so handsome as well!"

"Is this for real? His fingers are so agile."

The audience, including Evelyn, was shocked. She stood still and stared at the piano, as she watched Sheffield's fingers dance on the keys. There was a casual, charming smile on his face. He was playing with great ease.

The melody was like the sounds of nature, flowing with the clouds and echoing through their bodies.

When the performance was over, no one spoke. Before anyone could react, Sheffield stood and walked up to Evelyn.

He had a cynical smile on his face.

Sheffield grabbed the microphone from Calvert's hand forcefully, and said to Evelyn in a casual, lazy voice, "Playing the piano for a proposal? I can do that too. It's really not a big deal. Evelyn, I love you. His aquamarine means nothing. It's just an experimental achievement. But I'm different. Although I don't come from a rich family like him, I have the heart and the grit to support you."

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