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   Chapter 884 Very Childish

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"You see what kind of man you're hanging out with? Why is he so rude?" Carlos cast a burning glance at his daughter and added, "Humph. He broke a smart lock worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. Seems like the brat has some clever tricks. Next time I see him, I'll charge him ten times that!"

Carlos then told Nadia to order a new one.

Looking at the broken smart lock, Evelyn said helplessly, "Since when did you care about the cost of a lock so much?"

Sheffield was running out of capital for his drug research project. Ten times the price of the lock would be a few million. She didn't think he could afford that.

"I won't allow him to take one more cent of my money. If he can't afford it, I'll go to First General Hospital to collect the debt and let the doctors and the patients know that he is not a good man!"

"Dad... Don't you think your behavior is..." Under Carlos' withering gaze, Evelyn cleared her throat and changed her words. "You're acting like a kid throwing a tantrum!"

She sighed inwardly. Her father had never been able to stay calm when it came to Sheffield. Maybe because Sheffield was so good at ticking people off, or maybe Carlos was getting old and becoming more and more childish.

Carlos had never encountered such a rude, cocksure man. Even though he already spread the news that Evelyn was going to get engaged to Calvert, it still didn't stop Sheffield. He just wouldn't stop bugging her.

Thinking of this, he glanced at his daughter's desk. There was a light brown paper bag that Sheffield left there.

He walked toward the desk. But before he could reach it, Evelyn quickly grabbed the paper bag and tucked it in the drawer. "Was there a reason you came by?"

Carlos looked at her coldly. "I'm serious about you marrying Calvert. Make sure you're ready." Finally, he reached out his hand and demanded, "Give me that bag."

"What?" Evelyn played dumb.

Carlos stubbornly walked around the desk, whipped open the drawer, and grabbed the paper bag. "I'll take that!"

"Dad!" Evelyn stood up and called out to him.

Carlos didn't stop or even turn his head.

"That's mine. Give it back."

Emotionless, Carlo

ianist, was performing. He almost never came to the city. The tickets were sold out. Most of the guests were from the upper crust.

At about a quarter after six o'clock in the evening, Sheffield arrived at the gate of the concert hall. He called Evelyn, but she wasn't answering.

At half past six, he was about to head to ZL Group to find Evelyn when his phone rang. "Where are you? Are you off work yet?"

Not knowing why he suddenly asked this question, Evelyn answered honestly, "I'm outside."

"Are you still busy?" Sheffield talked on the phone as he watched the throngs making their way to the concert hall. He turned around and happened to see a familiar figure.

A woman in white fashionable dress, holding her phone to her ear, emerged from a car. The man in front of her was Calvert in a black suit jacket. All eyes were drawn to the striking couple.

"Yeah, I have something to do." Evelyn didn't want to let Sheffield know that she had gone to a concert with Calvert.

Sheffield stared at the woman who got out of the car with the man's help, and asked, "Then what about me?"

"What do you mean?" Evelyn was confused.

And so was Sheffield. 'What does Evelyn mean to do this? Why didn't she tell me she didn't want to go to the concert with me? Why is she playing dumb now?' he wondered.

Calvert held her hand and put it on his arm.

Evelyn wanted to pull it back, but with so many people around, she didn't say anything more.

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