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   Chapter 881 You Have To Trust Me

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If Sheffield had known what Carlos had told Evelyn the previous night, he wouldn't have brought up the topic of money in front of her.

Evelyn wiped the tears off her cheeks and said in a calm voice, "I still have some money left. Why don't you take it?"

She didn't know why she said that to him. Did she really want to give him money? Or did she just want to test him?

Sheffield sighed. "Evelyn, you have to trust me," he said. "Even without performing surgeries or racing, I can still afford to do my research, and also support you. If you are curious about me, I don't mind having a face-to-face talk tonight, and we can..."

He began to flirt again. She interrupted him, "All right, I understand. Now, shut up! Go on with the surgery."


After hanging up, Evelyn placed her head on the office desk and felt her depression creeping up on her again.

When Calvert walked into her office, she was staring at a document in a daze. It was a subsequent document regarding the deal between ZL Group and the First General Hospital. Sheffield had signed his name on the contract on behalf of the hospital.

"Evelyn!" Calvert sat down in front of her and called her in a soft voice.

She raised her head from the document to look at him with a frown. "Why are you here?" He could now enter her office freely. Her father had granted him access.

Calvert took out two tickets from his suit pocket and placed them in front of her. "Tickets to the concert of the famous pianist, Jimmy Mi. It's on the day after tomorrow. Let's go together."

Evelyn was in no mood to go to a concert, especially with him. She refused indifferently, "Thank you, but I'm not interested."

"Not interested?" Calvert asked, feigning surprise. "I heard from Uncle Carlos that you had passed level nine of the National Piano Grading Test. Is it the concert that doesn't interest you, or is it me?"

Evelyn replied honestly, "I'm not interested in you or the concert."

He only smiled. "Evelyn, I like your upright and unyielding character. But, I know that you will come with me. Just keep the ticket for now." He looked at

quinted at his friend. "I haven't slept in two days. This better be worth my time."

Joshua pushed the man back into the apartment and closed the door. He looked him up and down and asked, "Did you hear the rumors on the Internet?"


"Yeah." Joshua nodded impatiently.

Sheffield sneered, "I already knew it yesterday. I don't need you to report everything to me."

"Dude, I'm talking about the latest gossip of this morning. I have bigger news for you. Where were you at seven o'clock last night?" Joshua asked in a mysterious tone.

"I was performing an operation. If you have something to say, just say it. Why are you beating around the bush?" Sheffield really wanted to kick the man out into the Pacific.

He hadn't left the operating table until a little over ten o'clock last night. After that, he had headed straight to the research lab and had stayed there until this morning.

"Did you know that Evelyn went on a date with Calvert?" Joshua asked. Thinking of the rumor on the Internet the day before, he added, "Not the date two days ago. This was last night."

'Last night?' "She didn't tell me anything about a date. And I didn't check my phone either," replied Sheffield as he scratched his messy short hair.

Only Carlos and Joshua knew about his relationship with Evelyn. Carlos wouldn't tell him anything about her, so Joshua was the only one to keep Sheffield informed.

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