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   Chapter 880 What Is The Truth

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"He's not broke. He bought me valuable jewelry once. I offered him money, and he turned me down. Over a hundred million! He turned it down, Dad!" Dollie had also told Evelyn straight up Sheffield was only using her, but she didn't believe it.

Carlos was furious. "That's only because he wanted more! Can't you see? He is not as simple as he pretends to be. I have investigated him. His parents were pretty well-off, had some business connections. Then they died in a car accident. But they weren't his real family. The man who died in that accident was Beric Tang. He had a kid, but it wasn't him. You've been together so long. Did he ever tell you who he really was?"

Carlos, for all his resources, couldn't find out who Sheffield was. He could only get so far in the background check, and there were some pieces of information that he couldn't get at. And if Carlos couldn't figure it out, then the young doctor must be hiding something. At least, that was what the elder thought.

It was dangerous for Evelyn to stay with someone like him. He would rather let Evelyn marry a poor boy with an obvious background, or a stubborn man like Calvert. At least he knew who they were. He could also dig up what he didn't know about them.

But Sheffield was different. His family background was fake. Even Carlos couldn't find out anything about him, because he had hidden his identity too well.

Evelyn stood there in shock. It was true. There was more to Sheffield than met the eye. She'd seen that. Fighter, doctor, race car driver. What else was he hiding from her? After a long while, she answered timidly, "He said his mother was a doctor of neurology. She was framed and imprisoned for dealing in counterfeit drugs. She died when he was young." As for his father, Sheffield never talked much about him, and she didn't ask him either.

Carlos sneered, "Are you sure he was telling the truth? Did you look into it? You just took his word for it? God, you're naive! If you asked hi

s wonderful as you, raised her for nearly 30 years, and some guy swooped in and took her virginity, I'd be angry too. After I finish up here, I'll move in with your folks. I'll cook, wash, and serve our parents every day. I'll let them get to know me. They'll know I'm way better than Calvert..."

Sheffield just babbled away. Evelyn listened, laughed and then cried.

If he really loved her, the news should have broken his heart. But he still sounded mellow about it all. Evelyn wondered if it was because he was acting tough, or because he just didn't love her.

"Don't be sad. We'll grab coffee in Paris in a few days. We'll have a nice vacation and forget all this temporarily, okay?"

Evelyn closed her eyes. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Okay."

"I gotta go. I have another surgery coming up." Actually, he just wanted to talk with her. After all, they seldom saw each other and he missed her. At work, he barely talked to anybody.

Yet, little did he know that what he said next would give her the wrong idea. "I've been making money like crazy recently. I haven't bought you jewelry for a long time. Evelyn, please don't hate me. When I get some more cash, I'll buy you the best things in the world every day."

'Make money like crazy... He brought up money just like Father said, ' Evelyn thought.

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