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   Chapter 879 More Misunderstandings

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"No, it's all my fault. Hey, man, get over here." He dangled a set of keys from his fingers. "Here—the keys to my race car. Take care of it for me. I'll never race again!"

When Sheffield declared in public that he would quit racing, the crowd boiled over in astonishment.

"Oh my God! Is he really giving it up?"

"Looks like Maestro Tang is really quitting the racing scene!"

"Breaking news!"

Ignoring what the others were saying, Sheffield put his arm around Evelyn's shoulder and walked towards his car. "Honey, please don't be mad, okay? Let's talk about this."

Joshua was smoking, leaning against his car. His face was a mess. Dried blood, bandages, a pair of shiners under his eyes. When he saw Sheffield, he dropped the cigarette and ground it out. "Don't even talk to me. We're done!"

Sheffield snorted, "Fine by me. You slept with my woman. Some friend!"

Listening to his childish words, Evelyn couldn't help but sigh. "Sheffield..."

"Okay, okay. I just need some time!" Sheffield compromised.

As for what happened tonight, they all knew who set them up.

Evelyn felt angry at Carlos and guilty around Sheffield and Joshua.

With a guilty conscience, she said to Sheffield, who drove her home, "Go on home. I'll talk to Dad."

"I'll go with you," said Sheffield, gripping her hand. He wanted to be there to support her, even if Carlos beat him to death for it.

Evelyn shook her head. "Not yet." Her father must be still angry about the scandal.

It wouldn't be the best time for Sheffield to confront him. Carlos would take it all out on him.

Grabbing her hand tightly, he paused for a while before saying, "I guess I need to let you go. Call me if you need me."

"Okay." After Evelyn entered the manor, he started his car and drove off.

The internet rumors were contained, and only a few trolls were stirring up trouble under Evelyn's Weibo account. But Sheffield had already secr

n love with him, so what's your excuse?"

"No, it's not like that, Dad. That other woman, he doesn't care about her the same way he does me." Evelyn thought it was a good time to explain everything to Carlos.

"Humph!" Carlos snorted and for the first time he scolded Evelyn in a harsh tone. "Since when did you become so stupid? That woman is pregnant. It's his kid! Did he even tell you about it?"

'Dollie is pregnant?' Evelyn looked at Carlos in stunned disbelief. "That's impossible!"

Carlos slammed his palm on the table and yelled, "I've already seen the pregnancy test. What more proof do you need?"

"There must be some mistake." She trusted Sheffield. There was no way that he would have sex with Dollie.

"What mistake? Do you know why he's with you? I heard him say his research team was short of money and he needed some cash. And he told Dollie he was using you." And it wasn't like Carlos had gone out of his way to find out. He was playing a few rounds of golf, and had retired to the locker room. Sheffield and Joshua were in there, and the young doctor was explaining to his friend that the research fund was nearly gone.

As for using Evelyn, that was what Dollie told him. She swore Sheffield told her personally that he was only using Carlos' daughter.

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