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   Chapter 878 Your Girlfriend Is Here

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6918

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Sheffield checked the location of Joshua's phone once more. It was indeed in a five-star hotel next to Orchid Private Club.

He quickly dialed Evelyn's number. Luckily, someone picked up, but that someone was not Evelyn. "Hi, Mr. Tang, it's me." It was Tayson.

"Where's Evelyn?"

"Miss Huo and Mr. Fan are inside the hotel talking. I'm waiting outside."

Inside? Outside?

His best friend and the love of his life?

Sheffield hung up the phone and sped to the hotel.

About fifteen minutes later, he was on the 9th floor of the hotel, out of breath. He could see Room 909. Tayson was guarding the door.

Sheffield rushed over to him and ordered, "Open the door!"

After a moment's hesitation, Tayson answered, "Mr. Fan and Miss Huo are inside..."

"What are they doing?" demanded Sheffield with a grim face.

"Please go away, Mr. Tang!" Tayson answered, standing in front of the door.

Anger took control. Sheffield shoved Tayson aside, pulling on his collar. When Tayson was out of the way, the young doctor kicked the door in.

The door was unlocked, and gave way easily.

Sheffield rushed in, and what he saw made his beautiful eyes red with rage.

A man and a woman slept soundly. The woman intimately rested her head on the man's shoulder. They might be naked under the quilt.

Actually, on the way here, Sheffield had calmed himself down. Even before setting foot in the room, he knew Joshua wouldn't betray him. But now he saw it with his own eyes. What little reason he had left fled him.

He knew it was a setup. He knew that Carlos was responsible. But Carlos wasn't here. His friend was.

Sheffield flew into a rage. He yanked the covers off of Joshua and shouted his name. "Joshua! Fucker!"

Under the quilt, Joshua was in his underwear. All of a sudden, Sheffield lost his nerve and let go of the quilt. He was afraid Evelyn was as naked as Joshua.

Evelyn woke up first, unable to sleep through Sheffield's roaring.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Sheffield's scarlet eyes, and then Joshua woke up too. He fel

rrassing him in front of everyone. I'd dump her, if I were him."

Evelyn cast her a cold glance and said ruthlessly, "Thankfully, you're not him. And I'd shut your mouth, since you have no chance with a guy like that."

The woman was embarrassed.

"Wow! Maestro Tang's girlfriend is awesome!"

"I'm sure she keeps him on his toes!"

Ignoring the commotion, Evelyn walked up to Sheffield, standing with his back to the crowd. She stopped less than two meters away from him and asked, "Do you really think I'm that kind of girl?"

Not knowing what to say, he closed his eyes in frustration.

Actually, he had regretted what he did the moment he stepped out of the hotel, and had completely forgotten everything Evelyn told him.

Just as everyone was waiting quietly for the drama to unfold, Sheffield turned to look at her with an ingratiating smile on his face. Without hesitation, he took Evelyn into his arms and said, "Honey, listen to me. It's all my fault! Don't be mad, okay?"

His reaction caused an uproar.

So the amazing Maestro Tang was henpecked.

Disappointed and sad, Evelyn looked at him and asked, "Your fault? If you really thought you were wrong, you wouldn't have come here." She didn't know what happened, or when she fell asleep, or how she ended up sleeping in the same bed as Joshua. But she was pretty sure it wasn't Sheffield's fault.

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