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   Chapter 873 Rake Up Each Other's Past

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"Why would your car suddenly flip?" Evelyn hit the nail on the head. Sheffield was an expert racer. An accident was out of the question.

Her query surprised the men.

Joshua's admiration for Evelyn went up a notch. If it were any other woman, she would have gotten jealous after knowing that her man had gotten injured trying to save some girl. She would have jumped to conclusions and bombarded the man with questions about this new girl.

But Evelyn wasn't bothered at all.

Sheffield wasn't sure how to react to her indifference. He wanted his girlfriend to be a little jealous; that would mean that she cared for him. But, this was Evelyn Huo. He sighed. "Someone sabotaged my race car."

"Who was it?" she asked, meeting his eyes.

He smiled. "I can guess, but I don't have any proof yet." He had to investigate the incident first.

After a short pause, she asked, "Will you stop racing from now on?"

"Babe, can we please change the subject?" Sheffield begged. He loved racing. Staying away from the track would make him feel dead inside.

Joshua poked Sheffield's bandaged arm.

"Aw!" Sheffield yelled as he tried to kick Joshua off the bed. "Are you trying to kill me?"

Joshua jumped off the bed, grinning from ear to ear. He arched an eyebrow and said, "You deserve it. Evelyn is my girlfriend, and yet you call her 'babe' right in front of me. How dare you!"

Evelyn pinched her arching brows and thought, 'No wonder these two are best friends. Both of them are childish!'

"Fuck off! I don't need you here anymore. I want to talk to MY girlfriend alone. Get out!" Sheffield barked.

Joshua only laughed harder as he sat back on the sofa. "Evelyn, he is trying to evade your question. Maestro Tang doesn't want to give up on racing, even for you," he said with a grin. "I can see clearly that he doesn't love you enough. You should be with me, Evelyn. I'll treat you nicer than this ungrateful ass."

Ignoring Joshua's joke, Evelyn looked at Sheffield, waiting for his reply.

Sheffield sat up straight and said with a serious look, "Evelyn, I won't race for fun again. I

. Evelyn was cold towards him, as usual. He said, "Okay, you may leave. I will call you if I don't feel well."

"Huh? Why would you call me? I'm not a doctor."

Winking at her with a cunning smile, Sheffield replied, "When I hear your voice, my pain will disappear."

Evelyn couldn't bear it anymore. He just couldn't stop teasing her.

"Do whatever you want," she said and turned to leave.

Sheffield walked up to her from behind and held her in his arms again. "Babe, I didn't even get to kiss you. Babe, say that I'm your darling and I'll reward you with a delicious kiss."

His voice was deep and attractive.

Evelyn instantly blushed at his words.

She looked at the arms wrapped around her. A wicked smile appeared on her face, and she pressed her hand on the bandage. "My darling?" She pressed the wound harder, mercilessly.

Sheffield twitched at the sudden pain, and he bit his tongue to stop himself from crying out loud. "Yeah... Call me... Da—" He was in so much pain that he almost said "Damn," but Evelyn didn't like it when he swore, so he stopped short.

'What was that? Does he want me to call him Daddy?'

She remembered a video she had watched on the Internet. A woman erotically called her partner "Daddy" in bed to excite him. Thinking that Sheffield was teasing her again, she blushed a crimson red and exclaimed shyly, "Sheffield Tang! You are such a pervert!"

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