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   Chapter 871 Catapult Him To Fame

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'If my mom met Sheffield first, she'd have fallen for him. Of course, she'd have to be a lot younger than she is now, but still...' Evelyn thought.

"Focus on your work! Quit sliding into my DMs," she typed and sent the message.

"Okay, okay. Plenty of time for all that, babe. Gimme a kiss! Muah!"

Evelyn blushed and simply replied, "Go away!" Then she turned off her screen. She didn't want to talk to this guy anymore.

At Orchid Private Club

A man in a suit and leather shoes walked into the club. His face was sullen. He was obviously not happy. A few people were waiting for him in a private room. A middle-aged man stood up from his seat and said to him, "Calvert, you're finally here. Come here. Vernon and Trevor have been here a while now."

Calvert tidied his clothes and greeted the two elders politely, "Grandpa Vernon, Uncle Trevor, sorry to keep you waiting. I had to work. I came here as soon as I could."

Vernon flicked the ashes from his cigar and stared at the wound on Calvert's face. A doctor himself, he could tell that Calvert had been in a fight. "You tick someone off?" he asked.

It was the truth though Calvert didn't want to admit it. "Yeah."

Trevor Li asked in surprise, "Who was it?"

Everyone in Y City knew Calvert was the son of the diamond mogul, Langston Ji, and he was an only child. Yet someone had the temerity to beat him like this.

Calvert's face became even more sour. "No disrespect intended, but can we talk about this later? Thank you for your concern."

Vernon made a gesture with his hand and said, "Don't mention it. Here, grab a seat."

They had a good conversation while having their dinner. After thinking for a while, Langston opened his mouth and said, "Down to business. Guys, to be honest, I invited you to dinner today because I need your help."

Before dinner, Vernon and Trevor Li already knew that Langston wanted to discuss something. But they waited patiently. He would tell them when he was ready.

Vernon took a drag from his cigar and said with a smile, "Just spit it out, Langston."

"Yeah. No need to stand on ceremony with us, man. We've been friends for years. You need something? Just ask," Trevor Li echoed.

Hearing what he wanted to hear, Langston laughed happily and said, "Thanks in advance! Come on, Cal


He had thought that Sheffield was just Evelyn's boy toy. Much to his surprise, he was quite a capable young man. He never imagined the guy might be a decent fighter, to boot.

"So he's beyond my reach? I don't believe it! Vernon, the people I sent to teach the doctor a lesson called me and said another group showed up and foiled their plans. Do me a favor, will you?" They all knew what he was getting at.

However, Vernon hadn't said anything for a long time, and just sat there, smoking his cigar.

Noticing that Vernon was quiet, Langston became anxious and said, "Penny for your thoughts, Vernon. You afraid of him, too? What is it about this guy?"

"Not really." Vernon finally opened his mouth.

Langston's spirits lifted at his words. But what Vernon said next sent his mood crashing against the rocks of reality.

"You don't get it. The guy you're talking about is my best disciple," Vernon said. He was just worried about Sheffield; he hadn't been able to see him since he had treated his broken leg. He didn't know Sheffield was involved in all that!

Next time he saw Sheffield, he would knock him on his head.

The other three men in the private room were rendered speechless. The father and son were completely disappointed.

They knew that Vernon and Trevor Li wouldn't help them. But Calvert didn't give up. He was determined to have Evelyn. Now that he couldn't beat Sheffield in a fair fight, he had to come up with more underhanded plans. Maybe he could make Sheffield look bad in front of Evelyn.

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