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   Chapter 870 No Chances To Become Family

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Hearing Mrs. Mo's words, Debbie looked Sheffield up and down; the young doctor was focused on examining his patient. She asked Mrs. Mo, "Really? He looks so young. Yet, he has already performed such a difficult surgery? Honestly, he looks like a university graduate. How old is he? Twenty-one, twenty-two years old?"

"I haven't asked him that." The Mo family members had never asked Sheffield about his age. The topic had never come up during their conversations.

"Dr. Tang is twenty-six," the doctor standing next to them cut in to tell Debbie. He had been waiting for a chance to talk to the big star.

"Twenty-six?" Debbie threw a glance at Sheffield's face. He looked much younger than his age. She then commended, "Well, twenty-six is also a very young age for such accomplishments. And he's also making ward rounds with other doctors. Is he the director of your department?"

A female doctor replied this time, her eyes filled with admiration, "Dr. Tang is the deputy director of the neurology department. He's also doing a research and development project right now. Quite amazing, isn't he?"

Debbie nodded repeatedly. She was glad to have met such a handsome and hard-working young man. Unable to hold back her curiosity, she blurted out, "Does he have a girlfriend?" Sheffield and Terilynn were about the same age. If he didn't have a girlfriend, she wanted to try and pair them up.

Evelyn was still talking over the phone. Her voice trailed off as her attention was drawn to her mother's question. 'What is Mom trying to do here?'

Sheffield was done with the patient. He turned to Debbie and said with a broad smile, "Mrs. Huo—"

Before he could say anything further, the doctor, who had cut in to talk to Debbie earlier, interrupted him. "He is the future son-in-law of the president of our hospital. We envy him for his good fortune."

Sheffield cursed the talkative doctor a million times in his mind. He had wanted to tell her that he didn't have a girlfriend.

Disappointment was written all over Debbie's face. "Oh, you already have a girlfriend. I see. Well, that's only obvious. You're such an outstanding young man after all." Introducing Terilynn to him seemed impossibl

m to like him very much." And this was only the first time her mother had met him.

Debbie had no intentions of hiding her admiration for the young doctor. "Of course! He's handsome, talented, polite and ambitious. I have never seen a better young man."

Evelyn went silent.

She recalled what people often said. It was important for a son-in-law to get on the good side of his mother-in-law.

Her phone tinkled all of a sudden. It was a WeChat message.

She absentmindedly opened the application and saw Sheffield's message. "Honey, have you left the hospital?"

When Evelyn saw the word "Honey," she quickly put her phone away with a guilty conscience. She stole a glance at her mother, who was now lost in her own thoughts. After making sure that Debbie wasn't watching her, Evelyn heaved a long sigh of relief.

She took a deep breath and silently moved towards the window. She took out her phone again and tapped on Sheffield's dialogue box. "You did it on purpose, didn't you?" she wrote. She knew that he had deliberately showed up with his doctors to meet her mother.

Sheffield's reply came soon along with a cute emoji. "You are so smart. So, is my mother-in-law satisfied with me? Did I behave well in front of her? Did she like me? Did I do anything wrong?"

Evelyn pursed her lips. 'Satisfied? My mom is more than satisfied, ' she thought, as she stole a glance at her mother, who was still pondering over something with a smile on her face.

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