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   Chapter 869 Rounds

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With a mysterious smile on his face, Sheffield took a few steps back.

The other guy, who was itching for a fight, stopped. The other thugs surrounding Sheffield saw what was going on behind him, and in an instant, their facial expressions changed.

More and more people were emerging silently from the darkness near the bridge. Some of them noticed that a dozen vehicles were either pulling up or on their way, their lights blinding in the darkness as they traced over the scene. Those vehicles carried seven or eight people each, some riding on top.

Sheffield put his hands into his pockets, yawned and said to his reinforcements lazily, "Take 'em out quickly, boys. If you do it fast enough, maybe we can get something to eat. If you're thorough, dinner's on me. How does the fifth floor of the Alioth Building sound?"

Most of the men who came to help Sheffield had never been to the fifth floor of the Alioth Building before. They were excited by the offer. One of them even exclaimed, "Mr. Tang's a great guy. Bros, let's waste these idiots!"

"Let's fight!" the men behind Sheffield shouted in unison.

A couple of minutes later, Sheffield relaxed and left the bridge in his car, followed by a dozen vehicles heading in the same direction.

More than thirty thugs lay on the ground. Only some were conscious. One of them managed to take out his cell phone and dialed a number. As he was gasping for air, he reported, "Mr. Ji, we failed..."

In Y City First General Hospital

When Sheffield walked into the nurses' station, he saw them gossiping about something.

At the sight of him, one of the nurses rushed over. "Dr. Tang is here! Good morning, Dr. Tang!"

People around him all greeted him. "You're early! Or did you stay up all night and just decide to make it to work?"

"Are you kidding? Why sleep at home when I can come to work and see you lovely ladies?" Sheffield teased as he ran his fingers through his hair, playing cool.

His praise made the nurses blush. "Wow...Did he just...?"

"So, what's the big news? It's got to be big, or you'd be working. One of you said something about a star?" he asked with keen interest, bending

s he could muster, "Hello, Mrs. Huo."

Debbie was stunned. She had never seen a young man so polite. She sized him up. 'Is this handsome young man the director of this department?' she wondered.

Debbie smiled politely, "Hello."

'He's got a great smile, and it doesn't look like he's just grinning, ' she thought.

The nurses and doctors behind Sheffield were whispering about Debbie and her daughter, and some even wanted to ask for the singer's autograph. However, they were at work, and restraint was important.

Evelyn took a glance at Sheffield and immediately noticed the ink pen in his pocket that he had conspicuously placed there. She turned around, trying to hide the smile in her eyes.

Sheffield wanted to wink at her badly. But his mother-in-law was here, so he decided against it.

To avoid arousing suspicion, Sheffield also greeted the patient's family, and then asked the nurse behind him seriously, "Have you taken Mr. Mo's blood pressure this morning?"

"Yes, Dr. Tang. It was 190 over 110. His blood pressure is still very high, and he has been put on a drip to lower it."

Sheffield nodded and went to examine the patient himself.

Mrs. Mo whispered to Debbie, "Mrs. Huo, this is Dr. Tang. He was the one who operated on my husband. His skills are amazing for a young guy like that. He was in surgery for more than ten hours that day. He's handsome, polite, and super-smart. He must be from a rich family."

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