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   Chapter 868 Bachelor Life

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Terilynn had been trying to lose weight for some time now, yet she was always snacking on something or the other. She was the kind of person who ate almost everything, and had even tried to make Evelyn eat some of her favorites. Evelyn always refused.

But now, Sheffield laid out dried fruits, beef jerky, nuts, chips, sunflower seeds and drinks in front of her.

Well, she had to admit that she was indeed a little hungry. So, she decided to have some.

She opened the bag of cucumber-flavored chips. 'Wow! This is super crunchy!' she thought, taking a bite.

She then opened the packet of dried shredded squid and took a few bites of it. At first, she thought it tasted bad. But as she chewed, it started tasting better, and she soon loved it.

Before beginning to cook, Sheffield walked out of the kitchen and took a bite of the dried shredded squid. "It's delicious, right? Share some with me," he said in a cheerful voice.

Evelyn put the dried shredded squid, which she had almost finished, into his mouth and asked, "Do you always eat snacks?"

"Yes, I love them. Why? You thought men didn't indulge themselves in some leisurely snacking?" he asked, with a raised brow.

"I was just curious, that's all," she said with a shrug. She opened the almond packet, put a few nuts into his mouth, and ate one herself.

With a smile, Sheffield went back into the kitchen to make their dinner.

They had a warm, happy dinner without any interruption from outsiders. Sheffield was an exceptional cook. Even though Evelyn was a picky eater, she gladly ate all of the dishes.

After dinner, she sat on the sofa and watched as Sheffield cleaned the kitchen and picked up the trash. He washed his hands thoroughly before sitting next to her.

"I should go back to my place," she said.

Sheffield tilted his body towards her. "Please don't leave," he pleaded. He had been thinking about carrying her into his bedroom.

"No, I don't have any spare clothes or other essentials for the night. I can't stay." 'Women are troublesome, ' he thought. They needed a lot of things just to stay overnight in a different place.

Sheffield pressed his body against her. "Okay, I'll come to y

from the scene. They realized that something was about to go down and it wasn't going to be pretty.

By the time Sheffield finished his cigarette, he was already surrounded by his enemies.

He didn't jump into action because he was wondering solemnly whether this group was hired by his future father-in-law to kill him.

If these people were really hired by Carlos, could he even fight back?

Sheffield remembered the last time Carlos had sent men to break his leg. But these goons didn't look anything like that group of men who had come after him then.

He asked again with a smile twinkling in his eyes, "Who is your boss? If I'm going to die today, at the very least, I deserve to know the truth."

"Think about whom you have offended lately."

"I offend too many people on a daily basis. Just make this easy for me and tell me who asked you to off me, okay?" he asked with a smirk.

This time, the other party did not answer his question. "Shut up. Let's do this!"

It was a relief to know that these men weren't sent by Carlos.

Before they could get to him, he dodged nimbly and they could not even track his movements.

They looked around and then found him standing casually in front of the car. He calmly stubbed out the cigarette and aggressively flicked the butt towards one of the goons.

"Fuck!" The cigarette butt hit the gangster's face. The burly man's eyes flared in fury. He was about to beat the doctor to death himself.

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