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   Chapter 867 Let Me Feed You

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Evelyn adjusted her clothes and said nothing.

Sheffield walked over to his desk and dug into the shopping bag sitting there. There was a pen inside. An expensive one, made of gold, encrusted with precious resin.

He then kissed the brand-new pen and winked at Evelyn. "I love it! A gift from Evelyn! I'll treasure it as long as I live. If the pen is lost, so am I."

"Shut up!" she laughed. Evelyn was not in the mood for his jokes.

Sheffield corrected himself immediately, "Seriously, it's a great gift. Thanks. And if I lose it, you can buy me a new one."

Evelyn didn't want to talk to him anymore. She grabbed her purse and made her way to the door.

Sheffield ran after her and stretched out his arms to block her way. "Baby, can you wait? I need to change."

"No!" Evelyn refused but stopped.

Sheffield giggled and said, "Come on! My belly thinks my throat's been cut. I'm starving!" He ran to his wardrobe and opened it to take out his coat.

Watching him hang up the clothes, Evelyn asked, "So how did the surgery go? You were in there for awhile."

After hanging his coat in the crook of his arm, he closed the wardrobe and walked towards her. He put his arms around her waist and kissed her on the lips. "Thanks for asking, wife of mine. It went well."

Hearing that, Evelyn was relieved. But at the same time, the gloom on her face returned. "I'm warning you..."


"Quit calling me your wife." She rolled her eyes at him, pulled his hands off her waist, and turned around to leave.

"Yes! Miss Huo! I will never call you 'wife' again, I will call you 'honey' instead!"

She turned around suddenly and grabbed his ear tightly, leaving no time for his response. "You don't listen too well, do you?"

His ear grabbed by her, Sheffield cried in an exaggerated way. "Aah! It hurts! Uncle! Uncle! Let go, okay?"

An exaggerated reaction, to be sure. But still, he put up such a fuss that Evelyn wondered if she was really pulling that hard. "Are you going to listen, then?"

"Yes." She had tamed him, for a

a kiss on the lips."

Evelyn pinched his face and said, "I'll just go hungry, thanks."

Then he took a plum from his pocket, looked at it and thought for a while before he said, "I have a plum right here! If you want to eat it by yourself, my price is a kiss. Otherwise, I'll feed you, and help myself to some as well."

Rolling her eyes, Evelyn said, "You want to take advantage of me, huh?"

"Guilty as charged, Miss Huo. But... " Then he popped the plum into his mouth and said, "I just changed my mind. Let me feed you."

Again, he kissed her and transferred the plum to Evelyn's mouth.

When Sheffield walked towards the kitchen, Evelyn said worriedly, "Maybe I should cook." He had been operating on a patient for a whole day. He was probably tired, and so she wanted to cook.

"Can you cook?" asked Sheffield, raising his eyebrows.

Evelyn was stumped. She couldn't.

Honestly speaking, she knew nothing about cooking and had never touched an oven or cooker or anything else. She always had someone else do it.

Feeling her embarrassment, he smiled, "All right. There're snacks on the living room table. Just grab some."

On the table in the living room there were piles of little snack items. Many of them Evelyn had never seen before.

In order to take care of her body, she used to turn down snacks. She even hadn't eaten dried fruit.

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