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   Chapter 865 A Gift For Sheffield

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The manager asked the saleslady to fetch a glass of water. Then he put on a pair of white gloves and carefully slid back the glass on the cabinet, allowing access to what was inside. Then he took the pen out of the display case and handed it to Evelyn with a flattering smile. "Here's the pen you've been eyeing, Miss Huo."

"Thank you!" Evelyn took the pen and examined it closely.

The manager gave his sales pitch. "Miss Huo, this writing implement is a limited edition. There are only three of these in the world. The other two can't even be found in this country. Take a look at the barrel of the pen. That's real gold right there, alongside the champagne decoration. And check out the precious red resin. The nib is made from the purest gold. This is definitely made for a man. Did you want to use it yourself or is it a gift?"

"It's a gift," said Evelyn.

The manager took the glass of water from the saleswoman and placed it next to Evelyn. "An excellent choice for that special man in your life. Or am I assuming too much? If you need a more feminine pen, I can show you something else." The words spilled out in a rush. It was obvious he wanted the commission. Then he added in a low voice, "Please, have some water."

"Thank you. Please pack this one for me. Also, I'll take a look at that other pen you mentioned. The one more suited for a lady." Evelyn took the glass and elegantly sipped the water.

"Yes, Miss Huo. It'll be just a moment." The manager asked the shop assistant to bring a few pens befitting a lady for Evelyn to choose from. He selected a red one for her and added, "This pen's cap is mounted with a large diamond, giving it a special shape. It's also uniquely numbered and limited in quantity. Ideal for collectors. Not too ostentatious but elegant; very suitable for your temperament."

"Sounds good! I'll take this one too," she said, looking at the other pen that was already packed up next to the register.

"Yes, Miss Huo. We're on it. Please wait a moment." The store manager took the second pen and wrapped the packaging for her in person.

The cashier came to her with a POS machine. "Miss Huo, your total comes to $430, 000. Will you pay by card or some other way?" she

eyes. He saved Evelyn's phone number but he didn't associate it with a contact. So, he figured it couldn't have been her.

The nurse whispered, "It was the dean's daughter! Don't worry. It's our secret."

He had saved Dollie's contact info, so her name popped right up when she called.

Dollie had watched him do it.

Sheffield took his phone from the nurse. "Thank you. But I'll take all the calls myself from now on." What if Evelyn called? He didn't want to miss any of her calls.

The nurse misunderstood him. She was thinking that he didn't want her to answer the phone because he was worried that Dollie might misunderstand. "Don't worry, Dr. Tang, I get it!"

Looking at her mischievous smile, Sheffield was aware that she might have misunderstood him, but he did not explain. He slid the answer button. "Hello."

"Sheffield, I heard from Dad your surgery was a success. Congratulations!" Dollie said.

How well-informed she was! An ironic smile appeared on his face as he said in a lukewarm tone, "Thank you."

"I'm at the hospital, just outside the OR. I've been waiting a long time. I can't wait to see you!" Dollie said with a smile.

"Okay." Sheffield changed into his shoes and walked out.

There were many people outside the operating room, many of whom were related to the patient. The patient was still inside the operating room for follow-up treatment and had not come out yet, but the family had been informed that the operation was successful.

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