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   Chapter 863 My Evelyn Is So Pretty

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Sheffield snickered, "We used it last night, remember? I'd bought some more condoms on my way here." He had come to sleep with her the previous night, so of course he had prepared in advance.

Evelyn pushed him away and threw the condoms he brought in the trash.

Confused, he looked at the can and asked, "Do you want a kid then?"

"No way!" Evelyn opened the door to the apartment. "Wait for me here," she said.

"Where are you going?" Sheffield was completely confused by her behavior.

"Out. To buy something."

His brows furrowed tightly, a miserable look on his face. He was already burning with lust. He was so hard it hurt. How could she just leave the house now?

When Evelyn walked out of the apartment, Sheffield was about to follow her, but she held out a hand to stop him. "Stay here. Tayson will go with me," she demanded.

"Um...fine," he nodded helplessly. Anyway, this was her home. She couldn't run off, could she? He obediently waited for her in the apartment.

He decided to use his time wisely, and take a shower.

After she entered the elevator, Evelyn's thoughts became complicated. She had no idea why she had an accidental pregnancy last time. She didn't really feel like asking Sheffield about it, nor did she even want to bring it up. They were going to have sex again, and so it was more important than ever that she protected herself.

Thinking of this, she went to the convenience store down the street and bought something she needed.

Evelyn came back to her apartment and opened the door. She stood in the doorway and hesitated for a moment. Then she turned and told Tayson, "You don't need to stay here. Take the evening off."

Tayson knew what she meant. He nodded and answered, "Yes, Miss Huo."

He watched Evelyn enter the apartment and waited outside a while longer. After making sure there was no skulduggery, he left.

When she came back in, Sheffield was still in the shower. She looked at what she was carrying and sighed.

Soon enough, Sheffield walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel. When he saw the condoms Evelyn had bought, he was stunned. After a short pause, he asked, "So what was wrong with the ones I got?"

"Oh, you know." She didn't want to explain so she gave a perfunctory reply.

He nodded, as if he had an epiphany all of a sudden. 'I see!' He mentally crossed off that brand of

elyn, look at yourself in the mirror."

She looked at the mirror and saw him running his fingers over her body.

In the dead of night, the breathing of the two became heavier. Romance and passion filled the room. From the mirror to the balcony, Sheffield passionately kissed her and removed her pajamas. Under his guidance, Evelyn relaxed and indulged herself in the sensual pleasure.

The next morning, Evelyn was roused by her ringtone again. And this time, Sheffield was still here. At first, he wanted to reject the call for her, but when he saw the caller ID said "Dad" on the screen, he put the phone in her hand.

Evelyn opened one of her eyes. When she saw her father's phone number and met Sheffield's gaze, she was completely wide awake. She felt guilty, like she had done something wrong. She cleared her throat and answered, "Dad."

"Evelyn, just curious... It's already ten o'clock. Why haven't you come to work yet? Are you okay?" Carlos asked with concern.

"I'm fine, Dad. I just... I've been pretty beat recently. I want to sleep a little longer." The quilt slipped from Evelyn's body, exposing the flush of desire.

This scene draw Sheffield's attention. He couldn't take his eyes off her body. Evelyn looked so seductive now.

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled up the quilt for her. Then, he held her in his arms.

"Well, if you feel tired, I'll reduce your workload. Catch a nap and come in. I'll talk with you then." Carlos didn't suspect anything. He was thinking how he could make things easier on Evelyn. She'd been working hard, after all.

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