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   Chapter 862 Master Tang

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Sheffield only paused for a moment. That was all. Holding Evelyn's cold hands tightly, he pulled her into his arms and gently kissed her hair. "Anything else?" he asked in a soft voice.

"Isn't that enough?" she asked in reply.

The man smiled. "Not nearly enough to scare me away from you."

He looked into her startled eyes. She had gone through so much pain in her life. No wonder she hardly smiled.

But now, he was with her. And he intended to be by her side and share all her woes.

Evelyn didn't know how to respond. She smiled weakly and asked, "Has anyone told you how stupid you are, Sheffield?"

"Yes," he chuckled. "You."

Evelyn scoffed. "Everybody else thinks otherwise?"

"Yes, obviously. I'm actually pretty smart, you know."

"Could you be any more condescending?" Evelyn had to try her best not to roll her eyes at him. Sheffield had earlier said that her father was just envious of his good looks, and now, he was bragging about how smart he was. This man had no limits to his self-admiration.

"I am just really confident about myself, babe. That's how you should face everything in life—boldly and without any doubts." Sheffield released her and put his arm around her shoulder. They walked towards the car together.

"Where do you get these ideas from?" she asked.

"It is Master Tang's motto in life. You're welcome. And remember to tell the others who said it when you quote Master Tang in the future."

Evelyn couldn't take it anymore. She shook off his arm and glared at him with a smile. "Stay away from me, Master Tang."

Ignoring her, he threw himself into her arms and gave her a bear hug. "I don't want to."

Feeling his weight, Evelyn sighed, "Ugh! You are such a kid!"

"Haven't you heard, Evelyn?"


"We are all children till we are a hundred years old. Stop thinking, and start living. And live happily, like a child with no worries. Sounds great, doesn't it?" He swore to himself that he would dote on her, turn her into a carefree child, and spend the rest of their lives

t to them.

However, Sheffield ran and squeezed into the elevator. He put on a playful smile. "I can't just leave without ensuring that you are safely in your home."

Evelyn rolled her eyes at him. "Whatever."

When they arrived at Evelyn's apartment, Sheffield tried to enter with her. When she turned around to glare at him, he pulled her into the apartment with him. "I should probably check for any suspicious people inside."

"The only suspicious person here is you! Fuck off!"

Bang! He shut the door behind them.

Staring at the closed door, Tayson shook his head and thought, 'What a shameless man!'

Sheffield pressed Evelyn against the door. He fully intended to use all of the positions he had imagined earlier.

Unable to resist his advances, Evelyn gave in.

But, as they progressed, she stopped him at the last moment. "Wait!"

"What's wrong?" Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead. He didn't want to stop.

She was worried that she would get pregnant again. She really didn't want to go through that trauma once again. She did take her contraceptive pill that morning, but she didn't feel safe. So, she offered, "I'll go buy the condoms."

Sheffield took some condoms out of his pocket and assured her, "Don't worry. I already have them."

Looking at the small packets on his palm, Evelyn asked, "When did you buy them?"

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