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   Chapter 858 Ingrid

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During the meal, Sheffield rested his chin on his hand as he watched Evelyn gracefully drink her wine. "Evelyn, I am so much in love with you. What spell have you cast on me?"

After a pause, Evelyn asked, "How many women have you said that to?"

"Only you. You are the one I love the most in the world." His words were genuine; there was not a drop of lie in them.

Evelyn couldn't help laughing. "Yet, you stand beside another woman right in front of me."

Sheffield sighed. He felt it was time to explain his intentions to her. She had the rights to know. "I don't care about Dollie; it's Sidell whom I'm trying to get close to."

"What do you mean?"

"Evelyn, do you know why I chose to be a doctor?" No one knew the truth.

But to reassure her that she was the only one he loved, he had to tell her everything.

Evelyn stopped eating.

But Sheffield didn't continue.

She raised her eyes to look at the man sitting opposite her. He was lost in thought, and his eyes had turned gloomy, without the usual cheerfulness.

This was the first time Evelyn had seen him this way. He looked more mature than ever.

But this melancholy side of his kind of… broke her heart.

Everyone had their own secrets of the past, which they kept to themselves, just like Evelyn did. She had never told anyone about her ex-boyfriend and Melody Song.

She put a piece of spiced salt chicken on his plate and said gently, "Forget it. Let's eat. I trust you."

When she had seen Sheffield and Dollie show up together at the gathering in the video, she was angry, but she wasn't stupid. Even while he was holding Dollie in his arm, she could feel no intimacy between them.

At least, she could tell from the way he looked at Dollie that he didn't love her. There was no passion or affection in his eyes; it was nothing like the way he looked at Evelyn.

She was just angry at the time, because he said that he liked her, but still had Dollie by his side.

Sheffield gently held her left hand, and kissed it. "Evelyn, my mom passed away fifte

't. There was a huge glass separating them. He could only talk to her on the phone.

Ingrid smiled at him the whole time. She said, "Sheffield, you always said that you didn't want to learn medicine because it was tiring, difficult, unrewarding and dangerous. I never approved. But, listen to me now. Don't ever learn medicine, okay?"

Sheffield didn't say a word.

His mom continued, "Study hard abroad, and never come back here. I'll come to see you if I ever get that chance in the future. Live a good life, and be nice to everyone around you. Be happy. Don't be like me. I worked hard all these years, only to end up as a criminal—"

"Who said you are a criminal?" Sheffield interrupted her. "Why are they accusing you of being a criminal? You are not!"

Ingrid smiled, and then burst into tears. Perhaps her son was the only one who still trusted her. He was such a sweet boy. "Sheffield, you are a good son. Take care of yourself."

After they left the prison, Sheffield went straight home.

The moment he saw his father, he rushed towards him, ready to fight.

But he was so young. Even though he had fought many fights with his peers, this was a grown man.

He was soon subdued. His father was furious. "What the hell is wrong with you, Sheffield?"

Sheffield yelled back at him, "My mother is in prison. Why?! Why haven't you helped her?"

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