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   Chapter 855 He Wants To Make Us Happy

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7603

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Dollie's face darkened at Evelyn's words. "What are you talking about?"

"What am I talking about? Don't try to play your little tricks on me. I don't care about Sheffield Tang at all. He's yours for the taking!" After saying that, Evelyn turned and left, leaving Dollie and Sheffield alone.

Taking a look at the man she was with, Dollie was annoyed. He still wore that exasperating smirk. "The nerve of that woman! She said she didn't care about you!"

"I don't care!" He cared about her, and he believed that Evelyn would finally care about him one day.

'Does she really think I'm a pushover? How could she say something like that?

Should I teach her a lesson?

Probably. There is no time like the present. She even flirted, got me all hot and bothered, and wouldn't allow me to touch her. No way! It's time to give her something to think about me with!' Sheffield made up his mind.

It was already quite late and the wine-tasting party was over. When Sheffield walked out of the hotel with Dollie, they met Joshua and Evelyn again.

This time, Sheffield just waved to Joshua and said, "I'll take Dollie back. See you tomorrow, bro!"

"See you!"

Then without saying anything to Evelyn, he and Dollie got into his car. He had already hired a designated driver. After all, he had more than a little wine tonight, and he wouldn't drive drunk.

In the Xiang family's villa

Sheffield put a bottle of red wine on the table and said to Sidell, "Mr. Xiang, here's a bottle of red wine. I bought it at the party. I think you'll love it."

Sidell recognized the brand of the bottle of red wine, and he also knew that the wine-tasting party they participated this evening was all of high-grade red wine. He smiled and his eyes narrowed into slits. "Oh! How considerate of you, Sheffield."

"The honor is mine. You've been looking out for me at the hospital. I just want to give you a bottle of wine to express my gratitude."

At this time, Raven Zhao, Dollie's mother, left the kitchen and put a plate of fresh fruit in front of Sheffield. "Sheffield, have some fruit."

"Thank you, Mrs. Xiang!" Sheffield said politely.

"Don't mention it. Just eat!" Raven Zhao already considered Sheffield as a son-in-law, and was only too willing to spoil him.

went to the gated community where Evelyn lived.

He turned on his computer and hacked into the community's mainframe. After two minutes, he'd hacked into the security system and turned the cameras off. It took another couple minutes for him to set up a routine where the monitors simply replayed a random selection of what had already been recorded. He could go inside undetected.

He left his computer on and got out of the car. He found a wall that was not too high, took a few steps back and quickly clambered over it.

After entering the area, he went straight to Building A06.

On the ninth floor of Building A06

When the doorbell rang, Evelyn was asleep.

However, as she was a light sleeper, she woke up quickly. Sheffield only had to ring twice.

She thought it was Tayson, but as soon as she opened the door, she saw a man rushing in. "Evelyn!" The familiar male voice rang in her ears, and she fell into a familiar embrace.

"Why are you here?" How did he get in? How did he know that she lived here?

Regardless of her struggles, he closed the door of her apartment and pressed her against the door. He kissed her lips and said, "I came here because I miss you so much!"

Evelyn was held tight in Sheffield's arms. After some hesitation, she asked, "How did you get in?" There was passcode for the door to this building.

"It doesn't matter." The most important thing was that he really missed her. He locked her fingers with his and pressed her against the door.

"Let go of me!"

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