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   Chapter 854 Desire

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Sheffield was amused by Evelyn's joke. "Don't bother. My skin is not that thick; in fact, it's pretty soft. Here, kiss me on the cheek and you will know."

He drew closer to her.

Staring at his handsome side face, Evelyn reached out her hand and pinched it hard.

Sheffield groaned in pain. "Ow, Evelyn! Babe, show some mercy. Please…"

"Shut up!" Evelyn said angrily.

He immediately shut his mouth.

With a snort, Evelyn let go of him and walked towards the bathroom. "One more word and I'll kick you out."

Gazing at her proud back, Sheffield asked with his hands in his pockets, "Do you really have the heart to do that to me?"

"I do," she replied coldly.

The doctor chose to keep his silence for the moment, in case she did drive him away.

Several evening dresses were soon delivered to her room. Sheffield picked out a red conservative dress for her.

When Evelyn walked out of the bathroom, in nothing but a bath towel, she frowned at the dress he had chosen. "I don't want red."

"Why not?" He thought she would look stunning in it.

"No reason. Choose another one." Evelyn hadn't washed her hair; her soft long curls hung down loosely, adding to her allure.

Desire filled Sheffield's eyes as he stared at her. How much he wanted to take her right then! But knowing that she was still angry, he swallowed the desire and picked another dress for her. "How about this black one?"

Evelyn cast a sideways glance at the dress and commented, "Fine. You may leave now."

"Eve, let me stay. I will do anything for you," he said with a cheeky grin as he sat down on the bed.

She observed him carefully and asked, "You will do anything?"

"Of course. Anything for you," he said firmly and opened his arms to welcome her.

After a short pause, Evelyn said, "All right then. Sit still. If you make any silly moves, I will have you disappear from my life."

"Why do—" he started to say, but stopped when she frowned. "Fine. I hear you." Although he didn't know what her intentions were, he grudgingly agreed.

Evelyn slowly removed her bath towel, right in front of him, and threw it on his face.

Her breathtaking beauty turned him on. A hot stream of unco

to you. I am envious! Is he friends with the son of the Fan family? They were talking to each other throughout the party."

"Yes, Joshua is his best friend."

"Wow, your boyfriend is friends with the mayor's son? You have such an amazing guy."

"Thank you, I'm flattered."

Evelyn cast a sidelong glance at the group of gossiping women, with mockery in her eyes. 'Is she deliberately saying those things so that I would hear them?' she wondered.

After an hour, Evelyn went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she walked out, she ran into Sheffield and Dollie.

At first, the two of them were walking separately. But when Sheffield saw Evelyn walking in their direction, he quickly put his right arm around Dollie's shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

As Evelyn walked closer to them, Dollie's eyes were filled with elation.

Sheffield deliberately pushed Dollie a little, knocking her into Evelyn.

Evelyn staggered and took a step back. She cast a cold glance at the man, who had an evil smile on his face.

'How childish!' she sulked.

When he saw her angry expression, Sheffield thought that she was feeling jealous of his intimacy with Dollie. So, he asked proudly, "What? Do you feel threatened now? I can't help it; I'm popular with women."

Since she didn't cherish him, he needed to provoke her to make her realize his importance.

Evelyn shot a glance at Dollie, who was wearing a pink dress, and sneered, "Her? Threaten me?"

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