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   Chapter 853 A Kept Man

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7150

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Dollie was not a short girl, but Sheffield was taller than her, after all. That was why he had to lower his head to look inside her ear.

Meanwhile, Dollie actively leaned closer to him. So, obscured by Sheffield's body, it looked like they were kissing.

"What part of your ear hurts?" Sheffield asked. He didn't find anything unusual in her ear, no spot, no swelling.

Taking a step back, Dollie rubbed her ear and said shyly, "I think I'm all right now. Thanks, Sheffield." After saying that, she bowed her head and touched her lips with the back of her hand.

Her face was as red as a rose. Anyone who was looking at them behind Sheffield would figure out what he did there.

Holding a glass of wine, Evelyn kept her same cold expression when she saw them. When she passed by them, she was about to make a detour.

"Evelyn?" asked Sheffield as soon as he spotted her.

Today, Evelyn wore a white, sexy, backless, deep V halter dress, revealing her lovely back. Even the two dimples of Venus on her lower back could be seen clearly. Sheffield's eyes practically left his head to follow her.

Evelyn stopped in her tracks, turned around and nodded to him indifferently. "Mr. Tang." Then she continued walking.

Sheffield had come to this wine-tasting party with Dollie for another reason entirely. He didn't really want to taste the wine, nor did he care about Dollie. Now that he caught sight of Evelyn, he was thrilled, completely forgetting about Dollie. He quickly caught up to her in an upbeat mood. "Evelyn, we need to talk," he said.

"We have nothing to talk about."

"Actually, we do. At least tell me why you're angry, so I can apologize." She was really confusing him.

Seeing this, Dollie ran up to him and grabbed on to his arm. "Sheffield, didn't you say you'd help me pick out a bottle of wine?"

Sheffield had wanted to break free of Dollie's grip, but Evelyn didn't want to talk to him. She walked away heartlessly. He stopped and looked at her receding figure. Sighing, he had no choice but to help Dollie with her wine dilemma.

When Joshua found Sheffield, he was paying for the bottle of red w

er inside. He said nonchalantly, "Yeah, I'm old-fashioned like that."

She didn't know how to respond. The young CEO wanted to explode in anger.

After walking out of the elevator, he got with the hotel manager so he could rent a room. That way, Evelyn had a place to get changed.

The manager of the hotel arranged a presidential suite for her at once. He took a room card and led them to the elevator without checking their ID cards. "Miss Huo, sir, this way please!"

"Thank you!" Evelyn said politely.

In the suite

After dismissing the manager, Sheffield closed the door and held Evelyn in his arms from behind. "Evelyn, you look stunning today," he said after smelling her hair.

Evelyn angrily pushed his arms away and warned, "Stay away from me."

He turned her around to look her in the eye. "I wish I could. But every time I see you, I just can't control myself. I just want to get close to you, kiss you, and... sleep with you!" He kissed her on the lips.

Evelyn tilted her head and looked away. "One more word and I'll toss you out of the window."

"Okay, I'll stop. But tell me, why on earth are you angry? I have thought about it for a long time, but I still can't figure it out. Are you angry because you miss me, but I haven't told you I miss you too?"

"Where's your scalpel?"

"Why do you want my scalpel?"

"So I can rearrange your face and see how thick your skin is, asshole!"

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