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   Chapter 849 I Love Someone Else

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"Something like that," Sheffield replied.

Horace let the topic go, sensing that he didn't want to talk about it.

After running away with Terilynn from the private booth, Joshua got into the elevator with her and loosened his grip on her wrist. "Shall we go somewhere else? I have to talk to you about something."

Terilynn straightened her sleeves and looked at him in confusion. "What do we have to talk about?"

Joshua replied, "I want to talk about your sister and also explain what you just saw."

"Um, I don't think that's necessary." Terilynn walked out of the elevator and Joshua followed. She felt like he was acting really weird.

"It really is necessary," he insisted as he caught up to her. If she had misunderstood him, then his love would end before it even started.

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Just break up with my sister as soon as possible!" she said, respecting his secret.

Joshua looked at her helplessly. "No, listen to me. I like women. I'm not gay. Did you see my face? Sheffield beat me up. If he loved me, would he do this to me? And..." He was too ashamed to continue, but he had to make it clear to her. "Although I have never done it, I'm clearly aware of my sexual orientation."

'Done it? Done what?'

His serious expression made her want to believe him. "Fine, I understand. I have to get back to school now. Bye."

"It's almost noon. Let's have lunch together. I remember you like Chinese, right? I know a good restaurant around here." He looked at her with a kind of yearning she wasn't comfortable with.

"No way. You are my brother-in-law. We have to avoid arousing gossip," she refused bluntly. There was something clearly off about this man.

But Joshua couldn't give up yet. "Terilynn, you know that I met your sister on a blind date, right?"

"I know that."

"Well, your sister doesn't love me. You know that too, don't you?" he explained patiently.

She fell silent, wondering if Eve

mother has a nickname for Evelyn. She gave it to her when she was little. Guess what it is."



"Eve?" he asked after a moment's pause. Sheffield called her that way.

"No, Dad calls her by that name. Mom often calls her Piggy!" She laughed out loud. "It's probably hard for you to imagine that my sister, who is so aloof, has such a funny nickname, huh?" Only Debbie still called Evelyn "Piggy" from time to time. Every time Evelyn heard it, she would remind her mom to stop calling her that.

Joshua laughed, not because of Evelyn's nickname, but because of the bright smile on Terilynn's face. "Cute," he commented.

"My mother can't help calling her by that name. Evelyn protests all the time, but Mom never listens."

Even after lunch, she continued to talk about her sister. Joshua interrupted, "Terilynn?"


"I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Are you with Tayson now?" He really wanted to know.

Terilynn froze. She took a sip of the juice and said in a low voice, "No. He's getting married to someone else." She pretended to be indifferent and asked him, "Does the whole world know that I like Tayson?"

He reckoned that she was wondering how he knew it.

"I saw you that night at the bar, when you were drunk. I guessed the rest," he replied honestly.

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