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   Chapter 846 Evelyn's Dad

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Evelyn didn't know what to say. "Dad, Uncle Darrell is still waiting for you inside. Shouldn't you go back to him?"

Carlos paused and finally let go of Sheffield. He stood up and straightened his clothes. "Call security. Ask them to throw him out."

Evelyn helped Sheffield sit up. She raised her head to look at her father and said resignedly, "Dad, you go check on Uncle Darrell. I'll talk to him."

Carlos cast a cold glance at the pair and entered the bedroom with a snort.

Sheffield wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sat up on the floor. "You're Carlos Huo's daughter?" he asked, still dumbfounded.

Evelyn gaped at him. "You didn't know?" His face was black and blue, but he insisted on asking her irrelevant questions as if nothing had happened.

"Well, I know now! Joshua didn't tell me. Give me a break, you guys!" Sheffield felt frustrated. He was well aware that Evelyn was from a rich family, but he hadn't expected her to be so rich and powerful.

Even though he knew that she worked for ZL Group, he didn't think that the company actually belonged to her family.

"You are completely messed up." She fixed his clothes.

"No wonder your father doesn't like me... Wait!" Sheffield looked at her ponderously. "Joshua is not even as capable as I am. I can at least earn some money and support you, but he cannot even support himself with his low salary. Why does your father like him more than me? Does he like poor guys or something?"

Evelyn stood up from the floor. "Why don't you worry about the wound on your face for now?"

Sheffield stood up as well. "It's okay. It doesn't hurt."

Evelyn reached out her index finger and poked the swollen part of his face. "Ouch! It hurts! Evelyn, easy..."

She couldn't help but laugh at his reaction.

Upon hearing Sheffield's scream, Carlos walked out of the bedroom again and asked with a long face, "Why are you still here?"

Sheffield covered his face with one hand and stared at Carlos, who looked like he was ready to beat him up again. He said has

os Huo on the Internet before. But since he and Debbie had gotten married, much more information about him started spreading online. The news was mostly about Debbie. They seemed to love each other very much.

When Sheffield saw the name "Debbie Nian," he paused and remembered the time when they were in D City.

Evelyn had told him that she liked Debbie's songs.

'Debbie is her mom. No wonder she likes her, ' he thought.

Her sister, Terilynn Huo, was a student of law. They had met at lunch a few days back. He had only heard about Evelyn's brother, Matthew Huo, from her, and there was nothing on the Internet about him.

Logically speaking, the heir of a tycoon group should be the focus of the media, but there was no trace of him on the Internet. It seemed that he was as low-key as his father.

Sheffield read through Evelyn's family background briefly and put the laptop away. He decided to continue his investigation later that night. Right now, he needed a drink and a word with Joshua. As he waited in the car, he thought of an idea.

Sheffield took out his phone and opened the music app. He typed "Debbie Nian" and some of her albums popped up.

He clicked one of them randomly and played it.

The soothing and melodious song rang in the car. He could feel the music in his veins. 'It shouldn't be difficult to learn, ' he thought.

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