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   Chapter 845 Be Happy

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Evelyn walked in through the side gate of the manor. It was not until she was out of sight that Sheffield finally got into his car.

When she entered the manor, she saw Carlos standing under one of the garden lamps.

Wearing only thin pajamas, Carlos stood with folded arms, expressionless, as he watched his daughter walk in.

Evelyn's heart skipped a beat. From where he stood, he could easily see Sheffield's car parked outside. 'Holy crap! Dad must have seen him, ' she thought to herself.

She took a deep breath and hugged him. "Dad, I'm sorry. I got too emotional earlier."

Carlos' waiting at the gate late at night for her melted away all her anger.

He sighed, "I thought you wouldn't come back."

"Then why are you here?" Evelyn asked playfully, leaning on his shoulder.

"I...I was taking a walk." That was the lamest excuse Carlos could come up with.

Evelyn chuckled. "He insisted that I come back home. Dad, he's a nice guy—"

"Did he brainwash you again?" Carlos interrupted her.

He didn't believe that Sheffield was the one who had asked her to come back to the manor. As far as Carlos knew, Sheffield was a cheater, who lied to Evelyn again and again.

Evelyn realized that as long as Sheffield was involved, Carlos would be too angry to talk to her. "Never mind, Dad. Let's go inside and get some rest."

She took her father's arm. They walked towards the villa slowly.

"Listen to me, Evelyn. Try to get along with Joshua Fan."

Evelyn didn't want to talk about it. "Dad, if you mention that again, I'll move into my apartment and stay there."

She had an apartment in the city, and she usually stayed there when she worked late into the night. She only came back to the manor when she got off work early.

"Fine. Let's talk about work."

"Not that either."

Carlos sighed and said, "You just don't want to talk to me."

"Come on, Dad! I love you so much. You know it. From now on, I will try my best to get on well with Joshua, so that he can be your son-in-law

your—?" he managed to ask Evelyn.

"He's my dad," she replied sullenly.

Sheffield looked at Carlos in stunned disbelief. "Dad?" he repeated.

Carlos' brows knitted even tighter, his eyes were as dark as ink. He raised his fist again to punch him.

At the sight of his fist, Sheffield came to his senses and greeted Carlos respectfully, "Dad— Sorry…Mr. Huo, it's nice to meet you."

Carlos cast a sidelong glance at Evelyn and said coldly, "Evelyn, let go of me. I'm gonna teach this boy a lesson today."

"Dad, look at his face! It's swollen already! Stop!" Evelyn was very anxious. How did Sheffield even know that she was here?

But Carlos didn't listen to her. He shook off her hand, pressed Sheffield against the floor and beat him up. "Didn't you say you were gonna kill me? Fight back now!"

Holding his head in his hands, Sheffield curled up on the floor. "I won't fight back. Even if you beat me to death, I can't fight back."

Carlos' martial arts skills were top notch. Each punch was powerful. Evelyn looked at the man on the floor, her heart aching. With reddened eyes, she pulled Carlos away and said, "Dad, please stop. He'll get seriously injured if you hit him again."

"Seriously injured?" Carlos asked. "If he gets seriously injured so easily, then he is a pussy. Why would you fall for a pussy like him?"

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