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   Chapter 840 Where Were You

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It fell on Debbie to smooth things over. With a smile, she put her hand on Carlos' and said, "Honey, Mrs. Fan and Joshua are right. Getting engaged is a big deal. Think about Evelyn. Don't push her too hard."

Terilynn also spoke. "Dad, it's all your fault. Why are you giving Evelyn a hard time?"

Carlos cast a cold glance at Terilynn. Then, she fell into silence. He looked at Debbie and then turned to the waiter and demanded, "Serve the dishes."

While Evelyn was eating her dinner without thinking about it, Joshua whispered in her ear, "So what do you think of me?"

'What?' Confused, Evelyn asked, "Do you really plan to..."

Joshua knew what she wanted to say. He shook his head and said, "Of course not. It's just a question. It has nothing to do with our relationship." He knew she was Sheffield's woman. She was persona non nookie—off limits.

What he meant was, what did she think about him being her brother-in-law?

Evelyn looked at him up and down. Joshua was wearing a dark suit and his leather shoes glinted in the light. "You don't look like a prosecutor."

Every prosecutor she'd ever met had been super-serious. But just like Sheffield, Joshua was the opposite.

A look of amusement flashed across his face. "Then what do you think I look like?" Joshua asked with strong interest.

Evelyn cast a casual glance at him. "You look like... like... I don't know." she answered honestly.

When he heard this, Joshua was speechless.

Watching them whispering to each other, every elder was happy to see them getting on well. Everyone except Debbie, that was.

As the parents of both families were quite powerful, they were also busy—their dinner was over before long.

They hadn't reached an agreement on the date of engagement by the end. Evelyn was quite adamant about that.

After they parted, Joshua drove his parents home. Penelope turned to her son. "Josh, why does Evelyn not want to marry you?"

"Because we've only known each other a few days. Jeez, you guys! One blind date and you have us march

n as they got in the car, Evelyn asked Carlos in a cold voice, "Dad, why are you so eager to marry me off?"

Carlos never did anything without a reason.

Carlos didn't deny it.

His attitude annoyed Evelyn. "You're afraid I'll get back together with Sheffield, aren't you?"

"Yes!" Carlos admitted.

Evelyn was pissed off. "Look, I stopped seeing him, okay? Cause you wanted me to. Have you ever asked me if I want to be with Joshua?"

"Aren't you going out with him?" Since they were dating, it showed she didn't hate him. At least Carlos thought so.

"I tried going out with him because I didn't want to disappoint you. But now you're trying to marry us, after a few days. It's ridiculous!" The more Evelyn thought about it, the angrier she got. Carlos had never tried to mess with her dating life before. So why now? He even wanted to arrange her marriage.

Seeing Carlos and Evelyn turn on each other, Debbie covered his mouth and said to Evelyn, "Evelyn, your dad did what he thought was right. If you don't want to marry Joshua, then don't. It's fine. We can wait."

Carlos shook Debbie's hand off and said, "We can wait?" Carlos cast a cold glance at Evelyn and asked, "Evelyn, where were you this afternoon?"

Evelyn opened her mouth and stammered, "I was with Joshua. "

"And?" Carlos fixed his eyes on her, waiting for her response.

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