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   Chapter 839 The Parents' Meeting

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After having their lunch, Sheffield checked Evelyn's legs once again. Luckily, they looked much better after the treatment and there was no trace of the allergy.

Placing the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, he said to Evelyn and Joshua, who were about to leave, "Wait!"

"Why? Don't you have to clean up? I'll drive her back to her office," Joshua said as he changed into his shoes.

Sheffield wiped his hands on a towel, grabbed his coat and walked towards them. "It's my job to drive her back."

Evelyn sighed. "I don't need either of you to drop me. Tayson is waiting for me downstairs."

"I don't care. Let him follow us. I need to attend to something anyway." He needed to get rid of the tattoo.

The three of them left the house together. Sheffield dropped Evelyn off at the company.

He opened the door for her. "Thank you," she said.

"Evelyn," he called just as she was about to leave.

She turned around and looked at him.

"Do miss me while I'm gone." With a wicked smile, he winked at her.

The corners of Evelyn's lips lifted into an unnoticeable smile. But in the end, she still rebuked, "Don't expect this to happen again. We are not going to be together."

Sheffield's smile remained. He leaned against the car door and waved at her. "I'll cook chicken wings with plum next time, or maybe some toast with brown sugar and plum."

Evelyn left without turning back.

It was not until her figure disappeared into the building that the smile on his face gradually faded away.

'Eve, no matter how much you push me away, I won't give up, ' he swore.

To Evelyn's and Joshua's complete surprise, their parents met each other soon after that. They hadn't even told them the time and place of the meeting beforehand.

On the fifth floor of the Alioth Building

When Evelyn arrived at the building, she ran into Joshua, who had just gotten off work. "I'm sorry, Evelyn. It was probably my mom's idea. I had planned to put off the meeting between the two families, but my dad called your dad. I don't know what they talked about, but in the end, they decided to meet tonight," Joshua said.

engaged so soon. I'm sorry. I hope you understand." Evelyn looked at Mr. and Mrs. Fan apologetically.

Penelope Dong was a little stunned, but soon tried to smooth things over. "Evelyn is right, Mr. Huo. We are being too pushy. We should let them be for now. Our children's feelings are more important than anything else."

"Evelyn, listen to me. Get engaged now. Love develops over time." It was rare for Carlos to be adamant in front of Evelyn.

Joshua took a deep breath and looked into Carlos' eyes. "Mr. Huo, thank you for approving of me. I'm truly honored. But Evelyn's feelings are important to me as well. How about we do what she desires?"

He had had absolutely no idea that Evelyn's father was Carlos Huo. He figured Sheffield wasn't aware either, that his future father-in-law was such a powerful man.

Joshua said a silent prayer for his best friend.

But when he stole a glance at Terilynn, he felt a dull pain in his temples. If he wanted to pursue the younger daughter, he had to deal with Carlos Huo too. He would end up having to go through the same test as Sheffield, and Joshua couldn't smile anymore just thinking about it.

'If I butter up the old man now, I might have a better chance in the future, ' he thought desperately.

Carlos stared at Evelyn unhappily, while Evelyn stared back at him stubbornly. The atmosphere in the private booth turned awkward and a little aggressive.

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