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   Chapter 837 I'll Cook For You

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Evelyn laid bare his lie. "Joshua already has my phone number. How do you think I know you were waiting here?"

"Fine, don't give it to me. At least, let's have lunch together. If you don't want to eat out, I'll cook for you," Sheffield offered.

She wanted to continue refusing him, but seeing the pleading look in his eyes, she finally gave in. "Okay."

He was about to kiss her when she added, "Invite Joshua."

"Why? He's probably on duty now," he said in a displeased tone.

"He is my boyfriend. If I go to your house alone, he might feel uncomfortable. Besides, it's noon now. He should be off duty," Evelyn insisted.

To be with her, Sheffield reluctantly called Joshua.

Before calling his friend, Sheffield stretched out his right hand in front of her. There was a packaged plum in his palm.

He opened it for her and put it into her mouth regardless of her objection. "I bought it specially for you, so you have to eat it. If you spit it out, I will not invite Joshua, and I'll drive you to my place right away and have sex with you!"

Evelyn rolled her eyes. "How childish you are!"

The call connected in no time. Both of them could hear Joshua's voice in the quiet car. "Dude, why do you keep calling me all the time? Are you in love with me? Leave me alone. I'm taking my girl to lunch."

Sheffield turned to Evelyn. "Did you hear that? Your boyfriend is such a dick. He's going on a date with another girl."

Evelyn didn't respond.

"Who is with you, Sheffield?" asked Joshua.

"Your girlfriend. I'm going to cook lunch for her. Do you want to come? If you don't come, I will sleep with your— Argh!" Evelyn pinched his waist.

"What was that pitiful cry? Are you already sleeping with my girlfriend?" With a wave to his colleagues, Joshua got in his car.

Sheffield grabbed onto Evelyn's hand and yelled into the phone, "Screw you. Are you coming or not?"

"Of course, I'm coming. Maestro Tang is cooking a meal. How could I miss it? Tell me, when was the last time you cooked for anyone?" Joshua couldn't remember when he had last eaten a meal cooked by his best friend.

"Shut up. We're go

vegetable section together.

Evelyn tried to break free, but afraid that she might run away, he held her hand tight. She followed him and reminded him in a low voice, "Sheffield Tang, I'm Joshua's girlfriend now. You can't take my hand."

"No, you're not his." She was his woman, and she could only ever belong to him.

Evelyn fell silent.

She had thought that being with Joshua would make Sheffield give up. But it turned out that he didn't take her and Joshua' relationship seriously at all.

After leaving the supermarket, they went to his apartment. When they got there, Joshua had already arrived. He was on the sofa, talking on the phone.

Upon seeing them, he stood up and greeted Evelyn without even sparing a glance at Sheffield. "Hey, Evelyn."

Evelyn nodded, "Mr. Fan."

When he heard how she addressed him, Joshua grinned broadly. "Evelyn, I'm your boyfriend. It sounds weird when you call me 'Mr. Fan'."

Sheffield rolled his eyes at him and said, "You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

"No. My parents already know that we're dating. They said they wanted to meet Evelyn's parents in a couple of days." Joshua was pretty worried about it.

But Sheffield didn't even look at him. He put the shopping bag on the table and said, "Talk them out of it."

"What should we do?" Joshua asked Evelyn.

Staring at Sheffield's back, Evelyn thought for a while and answered, "Let them meet."

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