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   Chapter 836 Two-timer

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Evelyn looked at the bouquet of baby's breath.

"Your first love? Really?" she asked sarcastically. Many people had sent her flowers, but they were all expensive roses or lilies. It was her first time receiving baby's breath.

Sheffield always gave her something different from others.

Sheffield was embarrassed by her question. "Please take the bouquet. People are watching."

"You came here to give me flowers?" She didn't budge.

"I… No, there's something else..." Sheffield smiled at her, eyes gleaming with admiration.

His Evelyn was so pretty every time he saw her. Even though she remained expressionless, she still looked so damn beautiful!

"What is it?"

Sheffield looked at the flowers in his hand. In a gloomy tone, he asked, "Don't you like baby's breath? In flower language, it means yearning, care and true love. Evelyn, please take it. Otherwise, I'll be really embarrassed."

With his puppy-dog eyes, the man looked kind of… cute.

Finally, Evelyn took the flowers.

He grabbed her wrist in his excitement and took her to his car.

"Where are you taking me?"

He tilted his head and gave her a mysterious smile. "I want to show you something."

Confused, Evelyn followed him to the red convertible. He opened the back door and tucked her inside. He then got in the back seat too.

Sheffield took out the remote control and closed the roof.

When they were in their private space, he lifted his woolen sweater and showed her his bare chest.

Evelyn's mouth hung open.

There were two black letters on his muscular chest—EH.

It didn't take her long to ascertain what it meant.

EH—Evelyn Huo.

Still clutching on to the hem of his sweater, Sheffield kissed her forehead and asked, "Do you like it? I just had it tattooed. My hospital doesn't allow the doctors to have tattoos. Otherwise, I would have got your name tattooed on my ring finger."

"I don't like men with tattoos." She wasn't lying. She liked men who looked clean.

Sheffield's face fell immediately. He k

have lunch with me, at least keep the flowers. Please? It's just a bunch of flowers, Evelyn..."

He moved towards her a little and accidentally touched her phone. The screen lit up.

Sheffield clearly saw the picture on her lock screen.

"Who is the man in the picture? He's quite handsome," he asked her in a jealous tone.

Without even casting a glance at her phone, Evelyn answered casually, "The man I love the most in the world."

"Oh, I see... So, you're dating several men at the same time. Another boyfriend, huh?"

Evelyn wanted to explain, but decided against it.

She was confused. 'Doesn't he know whose daughter I am? Or does Sheffield not even know who Carlos Huo is?'

He reached his hand into his pocket and took something out. Then, he balled his fist and showed it to her. "Eve, give me your phone number. I'll give you something in return."

"No! I don't want anything from you."

Ever since he had met her, Sheffield had tried every means to get her phone number, but failed each time. "Just give me your number. I'll be your chauffeur for a month, for free!"

Evelyn smirked. "Okay. One, three, nine..."

He pricked up his ears, listening carefully.

"Seven, ate, nine!" she added, giggling.

Frustrated, Sheffield tried to make up excuses. "It was Joshua who wanted your number," he said listlessly.

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