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   Chapter 835 You Are Insane

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"You learned that from me, so stop it! Whatever! That's not the point. Joshua, get up! Tell me why my girl has become your girlfriend!" That was why Sheffield was at Joshua's place.

Joshua was fully awake now. "It was her idea."

"And you agreed?"

"Yes. Evelyn's really attractive. I finally understood why you couldn't resist her, neither could I. I too want to snuggle up in her arms—"

Sheffield jumped on the bed, pinned him down and rained blows all over his body. "Asshole! Break up with her! Right now!"

"Woah! Stop it. Be careful, man! My grandma will beat you to death with her walking stick!" Joshua whined in pain. That successfully froze Sheffield.

He got goose bumps all over his body as he stole a glance around Joshua's room. "Sorry Grandma, I won't hit him anymore. Please rest in peace and don't come for me," Sheffield murmured.

When Joshua's grandmother was still alive, the old lady would always threaten to beat the naughty boys up with her crutch.

Joshua laughed at his friend's reaction and then said, "Don't worry. I'm more interested in the younger sister." He pulled the thin quilt up to his chest and took a cigarette from the night stand.

"The younger one? But you're dating Evelyn now. Aren't you afraid that their father will break your leg?"

Sheffield and Joshua were still ignorant of who Evelyn's father was. They had a hunch that he was someone with incredible power; probably some sort of legend.

Sheffield never looked deep into Evelyn's background even after knowing her true identity.

Joshua didn't know because his mother never filled him in about his blind date's family background.

"I'm not afraid. I'll just sit and watch what happens. After you successfully win Evelyn over, I will go after Terilynn." 'You wish.' Sheffield rolled his eyes at Joshua.

He lit a cigarette. Taking a drag, he said, "It's not gonna be as simple as you think. What if Terilynn already has someone she loves?"

Joshua nodded, "She does. Evelyn's bodyguard."

"Are you serious?" Sheffield asked, as he imagined the tough, no-bullshit Tayson falling in love with someone. "So, knowing that she loves another man, you still want her?"

"Do you think I'm no match for a bodyguard?" Joshua cast him a sidelong glance.

"Of course, you can outmatch the bodyguard. Just as

s message, it was already past ten minutes. Her heart skipped a beat. Before Sheffield could really come upstairs, she hastily ran downstairs without even tidying up her work.

When she walked out of the company, she saw the man waiting outside, wearing a long coat and a light gray woolen sweater. His long legs looked sexy in gray trousers.

He looked very stylish in the outfit.

With a bunch of flowers in his hand, he walked towards the entrance of the company.

It was already past the peak hour of clocking off, but there were still many employees around.

He was really eye-catching with the red convertible sports car, his handsome face, and the bouquet of fresh flowers in his hands. This instantly attracted many people's attention. Some women even ran over to him and asked him whom he was looking for.

Sheffield had already spotted Evelyn. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

The two employees who had approached him turned around and caught a glimpse of Evelyn. Their facial expressions changed abruptly and they left in a hurry.

Sheffield walked slowly towards her. She felt like he was walking into her heart.

Her heart was pounding rapidly in her chest, though she effortlessly wore an expressionless face. She controlled her emotion, and indifferently asked the man standing in front of her, "What?"

After slightly smelling the purple flowers in his hand, Sheffield came closer to her to hand her the bouquet and flashed his charming smile. "Even if you torture me a hundred times, you are still my first love."

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