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   Chapter 832 You Did it On Purpose

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Joshua wanted to switch off his phone. However, Evelyn's thumb was already on the power button; he couldn't touch it. "Miss Huo... What are you doing? This is invasion of privacy."

Seeing that the screen of Joshua's phone was still on, Sheffield immediately nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, he's right. Just put the phone down, Evelyn."

"Okay!" Evelyn withdrew her hand from Joshua's phone.

But she quickly picked up Sheffield's phone from the table and said to him, "Password."

'Oh no!' Sheffield thought to himself. "Evelyn, listen to me..."


"Okay, come on. Let me unlock it," said Sheffield, reaching to take the phone from her.

Evelyn seized the chance. She grabbed his hand and used his finger to unlock the phone.

Sheffield was so upset that he opened his mouth. No words came out.

The last thing he pulled up was the chat app, so it was the first thing that greeted her eyes. What did the last message say? Exactly what Joshua said a minute earlier.

Wearing an emotionless face, Evelyn looked coldly at the two awkwardly smiling men. "Sheffield Tang."

Under the table, Sheffield grabbed Evelyn's left hand. No one could see what he was doing. "Evelyn, Joshua's my buddy. I can't let you two date."

Evelyn looked at her hand and said, "Let go of me."

"Okay." Sheffield immediately let go of her.

Finally, Dollie couldn't help but blurt out, "Miss Huo, did Sheffield do something wrong? Why are you so cold to him? Don't you see he's been trying to make you happy? How can you—"

"Dollie!" Sheffield suddenly shouted at her.

Dollie paused for a while, and then continued with a pitiful look on her face, "She's so arrogant and condescending! And I'm tired of seeing her treat you like shit!"

The atmosphere was awkward. Sheffield seemed to be angry. He said in a flat tone, "You're right, Dollie. I've been trying to please Evelyn. Let's just drop it, okay? Our food's here. Dig in."

Just as he was done speaking, several waiters started to fill their order. Delicious scents filled the air as platters of European-style foods were serv

eye, and said, "Maybe you could shut up. If I wanted Sheffield, I wouldn't be on a blind date with you, would I? So let's just have a nice time. Quit trying to end it before it begins."

"What? You and me?" Joshua was shocked.

Evelyn nodded firmly. "Yes, you and me."

Sheffield dropped the utensils he held. They clattered on the table loudly.

Joshua suddenly burst into laughter. "Great! It's a date!" His answer surprised both Evelyn and Sheffield

Looking at his friend's excited face, Sheffield was stunned, disbelief written all over his own features. His friend was defending him a minute ago, but now all of a sudden he changed his mind?

Evelyn took the opportunity to tell Sheffield, "I have a bone to pick with you."

"Do I need to leave you two alone?" Joshua asked hesitantly, thinking they might need some privacy.

"No need." Then, she told the stunned doctor, "When I was on that trip, I told you we weren't meant for each other. I let you know I liked men who were more mature than me. As for what happened that night... I'm sorry. I was too impulsive. If I hurt you or messed with your head, I apologize. Will you be at the hospital tomorrow afternoon? I need to give the jade gift back. I can't keep—"

"Evelyn Huo!" Sheffield interrupted with a stony face.

Evelyn didn't respond, waiting for his answer.

"Joshua and I are two of a kind! He's mature? Humph!"

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