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   Chapter 831 It's All An Act

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Sheffield covertly winked at Joshua. The latter understood what he meant. He warmly gestured for Dollie to sit next to him. "Miss Xiang, please have a seat."

At first, Dollie was unhappy to see that Sheffield had sat down next to Evelyn. But as soon as his handsome and enthusiastic friend invited her to sit with him, she didn't mind that anymore. "Thank you," she said politely. She took her seat beside Joshua.

Evelyn didn't say anything. With a bright smile, the manager of the restaurant handed the menu to them and asked, "May I take your orders?"

Sheffield was quick to act. He took the menu from the manager and placed it in front of Evelyn. "Here you are. What would you like to eat?" he asked in a flattering tone.

Dollie and Joshua were equally surprised.

Noticing the anger on Dollie's face, Sheffield realized that he had completely ignored the girl in his excitement of running into Evelyn. He waved his hand and motioned Dollie to come closer to him. Sheffield leaned over to her and whispered, "Don't be angry, Dollie. It's just an act to get on her good side. If she thinks that I like her, my plan will have a greater chance to succeed."

Dollie gave the woman a dirty look. Evelyn was calmly flipping through the menu. Her face softened a little. She asked doubtfully, "Really?"

"Yes," Sheffield replied instantly with a nod.


Sheffield sighed in relief after getting that stumbling block out of the way. Resting his chin on his hand, he said to Evelyn, "It's my treat today. Would you like some goose liver paste?" Evelyn immediately scrunched her nose in disgust. "No? Then, how about oyster cup and some roasted chicken? Maybe a little soup with onions, and a French-style braised—"

Without raising her head, Evelyn scoffed, "I don't like anything you suggested."

"Oh? Then, how about some cheese?" he teased.

Evelyn cast him a cold glance and handed him the menu. "How about you order for me? If you end up getting something I don't like today, you

some baked snails, and the fried earthworms."

Dollie didn't understand a word. She just sat in her seat and sipped her wine with a faint smile.

Sheffield and Joshua tried hard not to burst into laughter.

The manager left with their orders. Evelyn turned to Joshua. "So, Mr. Fan...I believe that there are many girls willing to be your bride. Why would you agree to a blind date?"

If Sheffield weren't here, Joshua would have come up with some sweet words to impress Evelyn. However, now that he knew about their relationship, Joshua felt the need to think carefully before he spoke. "Well… I just wanted to please my mother. I think you understand how it works."

He was forced to go on a blind date by his family. And so was she, he presumed.

Sheffield silently took out his phone and sent a text.

Joshua's phone rang and he stole a glance at the screen. He frowned when he saw that the text was from Sheffield. He looked at Sheffield and then repeated the words from his message. "Uh...I'm sorry, Miss Huo. To tell you the truth, I'm in love with someone else. But my family don't know about it. You're a good woman, but we're just not right for each other."

Evelyn had noticed the eye contact between the two men. "I'm sorry, Mr. Fan. May I see your phone?" She reached out for the device before he could refuse.

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