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   Chapter 830 Change Of Plans

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"Hey! I got a great idea. Bring Dollie with you. Then all you have to do is tell my date Dollie is your girlfriend. So even if my date thinks you're hot, she won't try anything, cause you're already spoken for," Joshua suggested. He thought he was so smart.

Sheffield shut that idea down without hesitation. "No. I'm too busy making money!"

Joshua raised his voice. "What the hell, man? I thought we were bros. I'm serious. If you don't come, we can't be friends anymore!"

Joshua sounded really anxious, so Sheffield reluctantly agreed. "Okay, okay! Where are you going to meet your date?"

"Mom says she doesn't like Western food, so I invited her to the best Western restaurant in the city. I'll go in first. You wait a few minutes and then go in. We can pretend the whole thing is coincidence. A good idea, huh?"

'His date doesn't like Western food? Evelyn doesn't like it either, ' Sheffield thought to himself. "Okay! Remember, you owe me!"

"All right, all right, see you later!"

Evelyn's date asked her to meet him at the best restaurant serving Western food in the city. She was already disappointed in him, even though she hadn't met him yet.

She didn't like cheese nor did she like Western food very much. But the restaurant he chose not only specialized in Western fare, but also seemed to have a lot of cheese.

When the time came, Evelyn didn't change her clothes. Instead, she wore her white suit from work. She'd been wearing it the whole morning, and she didn't see a reason to change.

Though he didn't want to go on the blind date, as a man, Joshua had to be punctual, so he arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early.

He reserved a table in the lobby instead of a private booth so that he could met Sheffield "by chance" later.

When Evelyn arrived at the restaurant, she saw Joshua in a white casual suit drinking red wine. He behaved elegantly, like a respected young man.

When he happened to see the woman walking towards him, he put down his wine glass and his eyes widened.

'Oh man, she's ho

t the hell... No, Evelyn, I didn't mean it that way. I just didn't expect that Joshua's date..." His eyes finally fell on Joshua.

Joshua suddenly had a bad feeling about all this. "Don't tell me that she's..."

Sheffield nodded gloomily. It never occurred to him that Evelyn would go on a blind date with one of his best friends!

"He's just kidding. We don't know each other. Let's order!" Evelyn said as she took the menu and began to read it.

Joshua was quick to react. "How about...we have lunch together?" he asked Sheffield.

"Okay," replied Sheffield without hesitation. It couldn't get any better!

"Isn't there an empty table here?" Evelyn took a glance around the restaurant with a frown. There were still many empty tables.

Having guessed what was going on with her, Joshua tried to smooth things over. "What a coincidence! Sheffield's my best friend. Evelyn, meet Sheffield."

Dollie had been completely ignored by Sheffield and she look dejected. Sheffield waved his hand and said, "So great! We all know each other. Let's have lunch together. Dollie, come here and say hi to my friend."

"Okay." Dollie's face softened a little at his words. Then she came over, adroitly balanced in her high-heeled shoes.

Joshua sat opposite Evelyn. He thought Sheffield would sit next to him, but to his surprise, Sheffield sat next to Evelyn.

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