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   Chapter 828 Best Friends

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Sidell looked at Evelyn, who was now smiling, but didn't realize what was wrong. "That depends on them. As their parents, we won't interfere." As expected, Sheffield didn't disappoint him. He had a long-term view. Even if they could make Evelyn lower the price of this batch of medicines in this round of negotiations, in the long run, they wouldn't benefit from it as much as they would from their cooperation with ZL Group in the next batch of medicines.

Sheffield sat back in his seat. Evelyn said, "Congratulations, Dr. Tang. You're going to be Mr. Xiang's son-in-law. I'll get in touch with Mr. Xiang again when the next batch of medicines are ready. Consider this as a wedding gift."

She picked up the bowl of soup, blew on it a few times, and drank it gracefully.

The negotiation went on smoothly and they signed the contract at the end of the lunch as per Evelyn's quotation.

"How about I ask Sheffield to talk about our deal with you from now on, Miss Huo?" Sidell asked.

She didn't think it was a good idea. "Let's talk about that later. The vice general manager who was in charge of this deal quit his job. So, right now, there is no one specifically in charge of this project. That's why I am here. ZL Group cannot let just anyone take over such an important project. We can decide about further communications after we find a more suitable person to take charge."

Ignoring everything she had just said, Sheffield raised his glass and proposed a toast. "Thank you for your understanding and trust, Mr. Xiang. I will definitely work hard, along with Miss Huo. I won't fail you."

Evelyn glared at him, but didn't say anything.

They had reached an agreement. Sidell invited Evelyn to play golf with him, but she turned him down. "I'm sorry, Mr. Xiang. I have an important meeting this afternoon. Why don't we take a rain check?"

"Well, that's fine. I have something private to discuss with you."

Evelyn knew what he wanted to talk about. She got straight to the point. "Mr. Xiang, this is about Dollie, isn't it? I shouldn't get involved in your family affairs. But since Savannah i

. "I met with your father just now."

"Oh." There was a short pause. "Did he look well?"

After brief consideration, Evelyn answered, "He is fine. Dollie is getting married. He brought his future son-in-law to our meeting today."

"I heard from Dollie that she has an amazing boyfriend. He is working on some research project, I heard. He seems like an excellent man." Savannah was happy for her sister.

Evelyn's smile froze on her face. "He is a doctor... and he is good-looking too."

"He is very handsome, isn't he? It sounded like Dollie cares a lot for him. You saw him, right? Tell me, what does he look like?" asked Savannah curiously.

'What is he like?' Evelyn thought. "Handsome… but, annoying."

Savannah was confused. "Annoying? What happened? Did he do something wrong?"

Evelyn quickly came back to her senses and said, "No, it's nothing." She changed the subject. "I'm going on a blind date the day after tomorrow. If only you were here with me. He might fall for you instead."

Her words amused Savannah. She mocked, "Your Highness, it's your blind date, not mine. Besides, I'm disabled. Who would fall for me?"

"What nonsense! You're the prettiest girl in the world. Come back, Savannah. Let's live together here. I'll take good care of you."

Savannah's eyes brimmed with tears, but she tried to smile. "We live together? We would just turn our place into a junkyard."

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