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   Chapter 827 Pretense

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Nadia nodded and then turned to Sidell. "Mr. Xiang, this is Miss Huo, the regional CEO of ZL Group. Miss Huo, this is Mr. Xiang, the president of First General Hospital. And his assistant. And this is..." Nadia recognized the man she was referring to. He wore a slight smile, like he was trying not to smile but losing that battle. But why was he here now? She knew nearly nothing about him.

Sidell's assistant introduced hurriedly, "Miss Huo, this is Dr. Tang, deputy director of the nephrology department in our hospital. The medicine we are to talk about could change the way kidney disorders are handled in this country, and our hospital would be one of the pioneers."

Evelyn and Sidell shook hands.

Sheffield then reached out his right hand towards her. Evelyn looked at it for two seconds and then extended the hand with the Cat's Eye ring. Instead of letting go, he fixed his eyes on Evelyn. With a broad smile, he said, "I've heard a lot about you, Miss Huo. It's an honor to be with so young a CEO, and such a beautiful woman."

She was struggling to maintain her composure. Sheffield's grip was crushing her hand. She had forgotten to place her index finger above his palm to avoid such tricks. With a straight face, she said, "Thank you for your praise, Dr. Tang. You're not bad-looking yourself. Deputy director, huh? And so young. Color me impressed."

He should have been an actor. He did a great job pretending not to know her.

The smile on Sheffield's face widened. He savored her words and said, "Impressed? Thank you for your compliment, Miss Huo." But he didn't know whether she meant it or not.

Evelyn tried her best to break free from his grip. She quickly looked away and said to Sidell, "Mr. Xiang, shall we have a seat and talk about it?"

Sidell withdrew his eyes from their hands and smiled, "Sure." He said to his assistant, "Since Miss Huo has arrived, we can probably start on lunch. Have them bring the food out."

"Yes, sir."

After a while, they all sat down. Evelyn sat in the seat of honor, with Sidell and Nadia on either side. Sheffield sat opposite her. Sidell had intended to ask him to sit next to him. But Sheffield looked at Evelyn and said jokingly, "I'll sit here and w

smile. 'He's on my side, then, not his boss'.'

Sidell's heart sank. He looked at Sheffield with a meaningful look and teased him, "What? A pretty face shows up and you sell us down the river? If Dollie finds out, you're so dead!"

Sidell knew more or less what kind of person Sheffield was.

The reason why he agreed to let Sheffield date his daughter was he thought Sheffield had a lot of potential.

It would be strange if Sheffield wasn't engrossed in Evelyn's beauty. In Sidell's eyes, it was normal for Sheffield to be like this.

With a smile, Sheffield stood up from his seat and came to Evelyn. He grabbed the bowl in front of her and offered, "Dollie won't get angry with me. If our hospital wants to work together with ZL Group for a long time, we don't have any room for negotiation on the price. But I heard that ZL group is about to launch a new drug recently. How about we get in on that too?" With that, he put a bowl of hot soup before Evelyn.

He propped up the chair behind her with one hand, and picked up the chopsticks with the other. "I heard that Miss Huo likes spicy food, so I had the chef make some Sichuan dishes for you. How about it, Miss Huo? Would you like a taste?"

Evelyn was rendered speechless. What did he mean? 'Is he trying to butter me up in front of Sidell?' Instead of eating the food that he put in her bowl, she asked Sidell, "I heard a rumor, and maybe you can help me with this. Are Dr. Tang and your daughter getting married?"

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