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   Chapter 826 Give Her A Shoulder To Cry On

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6925

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As a father, the only thing Carlos could do to help her out was to give her a shoulder to cry on. Unrequited love was the worst.

The car drove away and Terilynn's tears fell like rain. She stared out the window, her tears blurring the wonders of the city.

At the Huo Residence

It was almost midnight and the lights were still on in the Huo Residence. Neither daughter had come back yet.

Debbie waited for Carlos and Terilynn in the living room. Bennett opened the door and walked in. Later, Carlos walked in, Terilynn in his arms.

Debbie hurried over and asked anxiously, "God, she reeks of alcohol! How much did she have?" She turned to a housemaid. "Get some hangover soup upstairs—quickly."

"Yes, ma'am."

Bennett answered honestly, "Miss Huo drank nearly an entire bottle."

Debbie sighed. Then she followed Carlos upstairs.

Carlos carefully set Terilynn down on the bed, took off her shoes, and adjusted her sleeping position. Then he tucked her in.

Debbie took the hangover soup the housemaid had made for her. She walked over to the bed and asked Carlos to hold Terilynn, forcing her to take a few sips of the soup.

When the housemaid came back downstairs with an empty bowl, she happened to run into Evelyn, who just came back from work.

Evelyn could smell the alcohol in the living room. When she saw the empty bowl, she asked the maid, "Did Terilynn have another meal?"

The maid shook her head, "No, Miss Terilynn Huo came home drunk. Mrs. Huo just fed her some soup to sober her up."

"Drunk? Terilynn?"

"Yes, Miss Huo."

Evelyn frowned, wondering why Terilynn was drunk. She was just a student. "Okay. Thanks." Then she went straight to Terilynn's room.

Carlos and Debbie had just left the room and closed the door.

"Father, Mother, what's wrong with her?" Evelyn asked.

Since it was about relationships, it was more of Debbie's area. After looking at each other, she said to Carlos, "You need a shower. I'll come over later."

"Okay," Carlos replied. He knew his wife wanted to talk to their elder daughter in

t like to brag, and he works in the Prosecutor General's Office..."

Evelyn stood up from the edge of the bed and interrupted her, "Mom, I know. I'm going to bed. Good night."

"Hey! I'm not done!"

Evelyn wasn't interested in it at all. She was done with the day. "Sorry Mom. I think I need to find out more about him when we start dating, okay?"

"Alright fine. I'll shut up. Get to bed, before you turn into a pumpkin." Debbie knew how tired her daughter was, so she dropped the subject. They went back to their own bedrooms.

At Orchid Private Club

When Evelyn and her two assistants arrived at the private booth, there were already three people in it.

When Sidell learned that he'd be meeting with none other than Evelyn Huo, the mysterious regional CEO of ZL Group, he dropped everything and took his contingent to arrange a sit-down with the popular female CEO.

As Nadia and the club manager pushed open the doors to the private room at the same time, a woman came into their view. A hushed silence fell over the area.

Today, Evelyn was dressed in a grey and blue suit, her long hair fell to her shoulders. She wore a dangly Cat's Eye earring in her left ear and a Cat's Eye stud in her right.

Her high-heeled shoes hit the soft carpet without a sound.

Sidell's assistant stood up first and spoke with a smile. "Nadia! And this must be Miss Huo."

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