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   Chapter 823 Maestro Tang

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When he heard her trembling voice, Sheffield gradually let go of the accelerator. When the car had slowed down to a normal speed, Dollie breathed a sigh of relief. "Sheffield… What's your relationship with her?"

Sheffield sneered. "I'm just a lowly-paid doctor and she is a CEO. What relationship could we have? I pursued her and got rejected."

At first, Dollie had thought that Sheffield wouldn't give her an answer. But to her surprise, he went on to explain their relationship in detail.

Jealousy flooded through her. "Do you still like her?" she asked, looking at him sideways.

"She has something I want," he replied, eyes fixed on the road.

Dollie couldn't tell from his tone if he was telling the truth. But his answer meant that he didn't really like Evelyn and that made her happy. "Something important?" she asked.

"Yes. Something very important," he said without hesitation.

She felt much better after learning that he had approached Evelyn with a purpose.

"Will you be seeing her again?"

"Yes. How can I get what I want without seeing her?"

"But you just told her that—"

"I said I wouldn't pester her, but I have to, to get what I want." Sheffield was quick to admit his intentions.

Left with no choice, Dollie had to find comfort by telling herself that he didn't like Evelyn. He only wanted something that belonged to her.

After dropping her back home, Sheffield lit a cigarette and dialed a number on his phone. He was feeling restless as the call connected. Without any greeting, he said, "Let's go racing!"

Half an hour later

Sheffield sat in his top-grade yellow Formula One racing car, wearing his white racing suit. Joshua and his two friends were in the cars next to his.

After getting wind of the news that Maestro Tang was coming for a race, a lot of people came to watch the spectacle, and the cheers could be heard from far away.

Joshua yawned and then looked at his friend. "Sheffield, what's wrong with you? You look terrible. Your face as long as the Great Wall."

Sheffield ign

on't you think so too?"

Sheffield nodded. "She has already made it clear that she doesn't like me. Sleeping with me in D City was nothing but a fling for her. She told me that I don't need to take any responsibility. But I want to pursue her shamelessly. Joshua, have I ever been so cheap before?"

Joshua's heart broke for his dear friend. "Our dissolute Maestro Tang has met his match. But dude, just let it go. She asked you to buy the best gem in the world for her, but does she even deserve it?"

Sheffield corrected him with a smile, "First of all, she deserves it. The gemstone wouldn't even be good enough for her. Secondly, she didn't ask me to buy her one. I want to give it to her because she likes collecting precious gems. If you really liked someone, Joshua, wouldn't you want to give her the best things in the world?"

Sheffield had found Purity for her in the small town of D City.

According to the shopkeeper, that small piece of jade was one of the most expensive gems in their town.

He was gratified that Evelyn hadn't returned it to him. If she had, then he would have had no hope at all.

Joshua had someone he used to like. But he had never loved someone so much. He could understand Sheffield's feelings for the woman, but he was also confused. "That's true, but she is not your wife yet. Why do you have to do so much for her?"

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