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   Chapter 822 Evelina Or Evelyn Huo

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Evelyn clutched the hem of her dress firmly. "I have nothing to say to you."

"I do." Sheffield leaned over to Evelyn and whispered in her ear, "You slept with me, and yet, you want to dump me for no good reason. Do you want everyone to know about this or do you want to talk in private?"

Evelyn blushed and cast a cold glance at him.

But the man just grinned back at her.

She turned to Nadia and said, "Wait here."

Then, she walked with him to the corner of the street where there were no street lamps.

Just as she was out of Tayson's and Nadia's sights, she was engulfed by a familiar embrace.

She wanted to push him away, but as she turned towards him, he wrapped his hand around her waist and kissed her on the lips.

When Dollie came around the dark corner, she froze.

She immediately knew that the man was Sheffield. He had come to pick her up, yet here he was, kissing another woman.

Not any woman. He was with Evelyn Huo, the woman who had ruined her modelling career.

Envy and anger rose within her. She clenched on to her bag tightly to restrain her impulse to break them apart.

Sheffield let go of Evelyn after the long kiss. As she gasped for air, he pressed her against the wall. He held her hands behind her back with one hand and raised her chin with the other to make her look straight at him. As they stared into each other's eyes, he asked her with an expressionless face, "So, should l call you Evelina... or Evelyn Huo?" He gently ran his thumb over her lips, stroking the spot where the lipstick had been smudged by his kiss.

Unable to move, Evelyn flared up. "I shouldn't have agreed to talk to you!"

Ignoring her anger, he smiled and called her name softly, "Evelyn."

A faint frown appeared on his forehead. The name he had called so many times was not even her real name. But, on the night they had been together, he had called her Eve. 'But so what?' he thought. That wasn't her real name either. He had never been so frustrated before.

She remained silent.

"The regional CEO of ZL Group. That's quite amazing."

Right then, they heard a loud clicking sound of high heels from behind them. Sheffield didn't turn around to look.


ut this, but Evelyn recognized it because it had been designed by Matthew himself.

Only three such cars were produced worldwide. One was owned by Matthew, another one was in Switzerland and the last one... She had never asked about it. Turned out that Sheffield owned the final piece.

She wondered if it was really his.

When she got back to her car, she saw Nadia talking to Tayson anxiously. The bodyguard was looking elsewhere with a poker face without saying a word.

When he saw Evelyn, he reminded Nadia, "She is here."

She turned around and saw Evelyn walking towards them with her head down. She couldn't see the expression on her face in the dark.

'Thank God, she is back.' Taking a deep breath, Nadia opened the back door for her and noticed her messed-up lipstick.

'What happened back there?

Her lipstick is smudged. Does that mean…' Nadia looked towards the dark corner. 'Miss Huo must have been in a relationship with that man, ' she thought.

Evelyn sat in the back and gazed out of the window at the dark night. The words Sheffield had told her replayed in her mind repeatedly.

'I will not pester you anymore.'

At the same time, Sheffield stepped on the gas and continued going faster. The car was now dangerously moving at 150 km per hour. In the passenger seat, Dollie held on to her seat belt with one hand and gripped the handrail above her head with the other. In a frightened voice, she begged, "Sheffield… slow down."

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