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   Chapter 821 ZL Group Will Never Hire Her Again

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At this moment, a woman asked, "What happened?"

"It's Nadia. And Miss Huo..." Dollie's assistant whispered.

"Good evening, Miss Huo, Nadia." The models and staff members in the backstage greeted both of them warmly.

Actually, Evelyn just happened to pass by the backstage and heard the noise. Nadia immediately noticed her boss's frown and asked what was going on.

The assistant to Dollie apologized in a hurry, "I'm sorry, Miss Huo. The dress... The dress was torn accidentally."

Evelyn frowned at her words. Every cut of clothing displayed tonight was a one-of-a-kind original. If one of them was damaged, it couldn't be mass produced.

Evelyn looked in the direction where the voice came from. It was one of the models, wearing a white mid-length coat and a long dress inside. There was a deep rent in the hem of the dress.

Actually, there had been all sorts of similar incidents in which models had torn something they wore. But Evelyn had no experience with those past problems. She needed to solve this one in her own way.

For a moment, the whole backstage fell silent, waiting for her to deal with this matter in person.

Looking at the female CEO standing not far away, Dollie said nothing. The CEO shone despite the lack of spotlights.

Evelyn didn't want to waste time. As she walked, she said casually, "We can't mass-produce this. The model should pay the price of the dress and compensate for our loss. Since this is a first offense—" She hadn't finished her sentence before she was interrupted by Dollie.

Dollie screamed, "You are such a bitch! I didn't tear it on purpose. Why are you going after me?"

Her words successfully made Evelyn stop walking. She looked at the girl up and down.

Then she flashed a smile. No wonder this girl looked so familiar. They had met before.

With a darkened face, Nadia berated the model. "Dollie Xiang! Have some respect. This is Miss Huo. You know—the CEO! Shut up if you can't be polite."

When she heard this, Dollie blushed in embarrassment. She had never been treated like this before. Who did these women think they were?

Evelyn took a few steps towards her and looked her in the eye.

There was one meter between them, and the people around them couldn't help comparing the two.

Dollie was a lovely

ay, why would I call you?"

"She's your mom, too!" Savannah Xiang corrected her.

"No she's not. She doesn't deserve that title!" Dollie hated Savannah Xiang and her mother to the core. People said that it was Dollie's mother who had broken up the marriage between Sidell and his ex-wife. Dollie wasn't going down with them.

This time, Savannah Xiang was silent.

Now that she was speechless, Dollie was satisfied. She hung up the phone happily, put on her sunglasses and walked out.

The last second she was in heaven, but the next second she fell into hell because of what she saw.

Sheffield, who wanted to find a place to smoke, accidentally bumped into the woman he truly wanted to meet.

Evelyn, who was supposed to leave the exhibition center through the entrance, left early through the side door, flanked by her bodyguards. However, she was caught by Sheffield.

He put out his cigarette and strode towards a black car. "Hey, miss. I have something for you," he said to Evelyn, who was about to get in the car.

Evelyn stopped when she heard his voice. She stood there, not turning her head.

With a confused look at the handsome young man not far away, Nadia then took a glance at Tayson, who should've stopped any suspicious man from approaching their boss, and finally said nothing.

"Long time no see. What's wrong? Can't you even look at me?" With one arm propped against the car window in front of Evelyn, Sheffield approached her with a wicked smile. "Give me three minutes?" he said to her.

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