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   Chapter 820 She's Gorgeous

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"Don't mention it. The edema hasn't gone away yet. Don't drink too much water," Sheffield cautioned, then turned around and left.

Down the hall, there was a TV mounted on the wall. The hostess's sweet voice came from the TV. "Now, put your hands together for..." The hostess said the name, but Sheffield didn't take note of it. He was too busy on his rounds. He adjusted the oxygen tube for the patient in bed No. 9.

When he turned around and walked towards the door, he heard someone muttering, "Who is that? She's gorgeous."

"I don't know. I've never seen her before. Just now, I heard that the hostess introduced her as a CEO. She's holding a press conference for some modeling show. And her name is...Eve...or something. Um, I can't remember."

Suddenly, a familiar voice reached Sheffield's ears. It was like a firework exploding in the air. "Good evening, everyone. I'm Evelyn Huo, large and in charge..."

He stopped suddenly. The girl who followed him closely almost bumped into him.

Sheffield turned around and took a few steps back, afraid that he was hearing things. He fixed his eyes on the woman on the screen as if she would disappear at any second.

The woman was in a black evening dress wearing a priceless ruby. She had never left his thoughts, and now there she was!

'What did the hostess call her just now? Eveline Huo? Evelyn Huo?'

At this moment, Sheffield couldn't help but ask himself, 'Are you really surprised? Are you happy or sad? You finally found her, but she isn't who you thought she was. She gave you a fake name, even!'

A woman in her fifties next to him asked Sheffield with a smile, "You okay, Dr. Tang?"

Her partner laughed and said, "I think Dr. Tang is a little preoccupied at the moment."

The crowd roared with laughter.

On the TV, Evelyn nodded to the audience gracefully and left the stage.

Sheffield snapped out of his reverie. "I'm okay. That woman's beauty shook me, that's all."

"Ha-ha! Dr. Tang, do you have a girlfriend? I can introduce you to someone, if you like."

With a half-joking smile, Shef

is phone and dialed Dollie's number. She picked up quickly. "Hi, Sheffield."

Hearing her voice, Sheffield asked expressionlessly, "Are you on the catwalk?"

"No, I just finished. I'm heading to my dressing room. I need to change." It was a pleasant surprise for her to receive a call from him. She answered the phone before taking off her clothes.

"Okay. Call me back when you're free."


She gave the phone to her assistant and tossed the hem of her dress before ordering, "Remove my makeup now!"

However, she didn't know there was an exposed nail. When she tossed her dress, it hit a cabinet and snagged on it. She took a step forward. Ssshhriiip! Everyone heard the cloth tearing.

Following the sound, she turned around and saw a long rent in the hem of her dress.

The assistant hurried to help her with the dress. "Oh, no. It's bad."

The incident caught everyone's eye. Some were gloating, some felt regretful, and some didn't think it had anything to do with them.

The clothing designer was still giving an interview outside, and currently only the models and staff members were backstage.

Dollie was flustered for a moment, but then calmed down. "Don't worry. It's already served its purpose. It probably won't need to be worn again."

The assistant nodded, trying to say something. But thinking of Dollie's bad temper, she swallowed her words.

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