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   Chapter 819 The Eldest Princess Of ZL Group

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At the Y City New District Exhibition Center

ZL Group's autumn clothing line launch event was being held at the exhibition center. Many media outlets and staff members were already there, preparing for the event.

Staff members in the backstage were very busy as well. There were thirty models there, changing their clothes and attended to by hairstylists and makeup artists.

In the VIP lounge

Evelyn showed up in the dress she'd set out. She didn't want to attract too much attention. While she was reading through the documents and signing her name, her makeup artist and stylist started fussing over.

"Hey Nadia! How many guests are here?" Evelyn asked.

"There's an hour left before the launch formally starts. Almost ninety-five percent of our guests have signed in," Nadia replied.

"Are the models ready? How about the clothing lines and the designers?" After Evelyn put the signed papers aside, a second stack of papers was handed to her.

"Rest assured, Miss Huo. Everything is ready."

"What about the photographers? Are they in position?"

"Chill. Everything's taken care of."

After hearing the answer she wanted, Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief. "Okay. Thank you."

"It's my duty."

At 5:45 p.m., the hostess came onstage and recited her speech. "Welcome to Glamour's autumn launch. Glamour is a clothing brand under ZL Group, and I am the hostess of the event, Renee Yang. Now, put your hands together for Miss Evelyn Huo, regional CEO of ZL Group. She'll be taking over the mike for a bit to kick off the press conference and tell you more."

The name Evelyn Huo instantly started a stir among the guests. Most of them had never heard of her before.

But they did know who Carlos was. Everyone did. So they started wondering if Evelyn had anything to do with him.

The catwalk was all lit up. A woman appeared at the other end. She walked towards the audience in her high heels.

She possessed features a girl would kill for—perfect fair skin, a pair of round, innocent eyes, a beautifully shaped nose, and soft, red lips. She wore a graceful smile.

She had French braids circling her head, her long lustrous black

so well that she become an enigma.

As a result, many reporters tried to find out through the employees of ZL Group. "Miss Evelyn Huo has been an employee of ZL Group for years. No comment," they told the reporters.

At the Y City First General Hospital

Sheffield finally had his cast removed and went back to work. He leaned against the back of the chair and checked the medical chart. He looked casual and handsome while sitting in the chair. His appearance made women blush and their hearts beat faster when they saw him.

This doctor was so handsome!

A patient's family, who was a young girl, whispered shyly and nervously, "Dr. Tang, my father's a patient in bed No. 3. He just woke up."

Sheffield put down the medical chart, stood up from the chair, looked at the little girl, and said with a gentle smile, "I know. See you later!"

His smile charmed the girl instantly. "Thank you, Dr. Tang."

"You're welcome!" Sheffield put the pen in his pocket casually and left the office with his hands in his pants pockets.

These days, the hospital was quite full. The corridor was filled with hospital beds. Along the way, many people greeted him, "Dr. Tang!"

"Dr. Tang is here!"

"Dr. Tang, can I get out of bed?"

After a quick check of the patient's wound, Sheffield said briskly, "Yes, you can. Just walk around in the hallway. Don't go downstairs—that might be pushing it."

"Okay, okay. Thank you very much!"

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