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   Chapter 818 Miss Troublemaker

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Nonchalantly, Matthew dished food into his bowl from the other platters and bowls on the table. "There were no photos," he said stubbornly. "You must be seeing things."

Everyone at the table was silent for a moment.

Debbie tried to ease the tension and chided the man in the seat of honor. "This is your fault. Everyone has secrets. Why did you have to reveal it to everyone? If I were Matthew, I'd pound you to a pulp."

Carlos snorted, "I know you would, but do you think he'd try that? He doesn't have the stones for it."

Matthew tried to ignore his taunt.

Debbie rolled her eyes at Carlos. "So if this ends up in a fight, whose side will you take? Mine or your dad's?" she asked her son.

"You're not gonna fight," Matthew answered calmly. He had never seen his father so much as shoot his mother a stern look, but his mother was always pretty emotional. Still, Carlos always kept his cool and never argued with her, no matter how bad she got.

Matthew couldn't blame his dad. If he managed to marry a woman like that, he would be just as stoic. It would save a lot of headaches in the future. Because in his eyes, girls like his mother were the cutest.

"So? Let's say we do?" Debbie wouldn't give up and asked again.

With a cunning smile, Matthew looked at Carlos, who was dishing up food for Evelyn. "I'll help Dad," he replied.

His answer surprised everyone at the table, including Carlos.

"Why?" Debbie asked gloomily. It didn't make sense.

After swallowing the food in his mouth, Matthew replied slowly, "We were taught that in school."

"You teachers told you to help your dad?" Debbie was confused.

"No." Father and son looked at each other. With a stony face, Matthew replied, "My teachers told us to protect the weak."

"Bwahaha..." Terilynn was the first to laugh out loud.

Then Debbie lost it too, and finally even Evelyn smiled from ear to ear.

Only Carlos was staring at his son coldly. Matthew, however, acted as if he hadn't seen a thing, and continued eating dinner.

He was happy. Finally, he got a dig in. His father was an unrepentant bully, and had it coming for a long time.

Carlos wasn't done. He said to his daughters, "Girls, listen to me. As sisters, you owe it to your brother to beat him up every day. It's a character-building exercise, give him a little humility."



"Chin up. You'll be fine. I'll put off your blind date. Matthew is flying back to America tomorrow afternoon. He's doing great over there, keeping his grades up. With his talent, he only needs two more years of further studies under his belt. When he comes back, he'll take over ZL Group. Then you can do whatever you want. I won't hold you back anymore. What do you think?"

Evelyn nodded, "Okay."

Carlos patted her shoulder. "Baby, I'll try my best to reduce your workload. Your happiness is the most important thing. When you're unhappy, just tell me. I'll help you."

Evelyn gave him a hug and answered, "Will do, Daddy."

After returning to her bedroom, Evelyn sat on the edge of the bed, staring blankly for a moment.

Then she stood up and walked to the collection room next to the walk-in closet. She took out a brocade box from the drawer at the bottom of the glass showcase.

She wiped away the dust and slowly opened the box.

A piece of jade, in the shape of the flower named "Purity," was quietly lying inside.

She picked it up and gently rubbed it; she couldn't help smiling when she thought of something.

'Think I'm talking too much? In fact, I've never said so much to anyone other than you. If you don't like it, I'll shut up.'

'Evelina, I never knew a woman could be as lovely as you!'

'If you want to get married one day, just tell me. I'd do it in a heartbeat.'

'Eve, you're my woman now. You can only have me, and I will never let you down...' The man's gentle words echoed in her mind for a long time.

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