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   Chapter 817 I'm Asshole Tang

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"So what?" Sheffield sneered indifferently with his eyes still shut; there were no emotions on his stone-cold face.

Joshua and Gifford looked at each other; they kind of understood what was going on.

Knowing Sheffield, they were sure that he wouldn't really play with a woman's feelings. They figured that Dollie must have done something.

The doctor opened his eyes, poured himself another glass of wine, and asked nonchalantly, "Did you two come here just to talk about Dollie?"

"Of course not. We heard that you got hurt. And we took time off to come and see you," Gifford said. Since he was under his father's supervision, Gifford was busier than anyone else.

Joshua snatched the glass away from Sheffield's hand. "Stop drinking, dude. If you get drunk and become sick, I will have to take you to the hospital. I don't have time for that shit."

Sheffield wiped his face and glared at him. "I was abandoned by a woman. Do you understand my situation?"

"I understand. Maestro Tang has become the plaything of a woman. It actually feels great!" Joshua teased. As the scalpel came straight at him, Joshua moved aside swiftly. It flew by him and was embedded in the wall, tearing the wallpaper where it hit.

"Compensate for the wallpaper and get out!" Sheffield snarled at his two friends.

"Your scalpel, your wallpaper. I'm not paying for anything, you drunk idiot. Plus, I am running short on money." Joshua stood up, straightened his clothes and said calmly, "How about you lend me five million? I'll warm your bed this winter to pay off the debt."

Sheffield squinted at him. "Are you kidding me, Mr. Fan? You are short on money? That's not very believable."

"It's all my mother's fault. She insisted on me going on a blind date. Don't you think that's ridiculous? The girl is a year older than me! Besides, I'm popular among women. I don't need a blind date," Joshua said in an irritated tone.

Gifford said flatly, "I see. You didn't agree to her demands, so your mother cut off your money source. And you are broke now."

"Mm hmm," said Joshua, dejected.

Sheffield groped around his pockets, but didn't find what he wanted. Then, he pointed to his coat on the hanger. "There is still fifty cents in the wallet, in my

and treat him equally, didn't you?"

Hearing Debbie's question, Carlos turned to look at his son and said reluctantly, "I do love him."

Matthew glanced at him and answered with contempt, "I don't need you to love me."

"Really? You don't? Why? Do you have someone else to love you? A girl, perhaps?" Carlos retorted angrily.

Matthew wasn't expecting that from his dad. He was stunned for a moment. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"You have a girl you like, don't you? I saw you stare at a picture of someone the other day, but I couldn't see her face clearly. Take it out and show it to your mother and sisters." Carlos thought for a moment. If his son married a girl who was as adorable as his daughters, then he might try and love his son a little bit more.

Debbie's eyes lit up at the news. "Matthew, you have a girl you like?!"

Holding Matthew's arm, Terilynn said as excitedly as her mother, "Brother, show us her picture."

Evelyn took a sip of the soup and said, "Whoever it is, treat her well."

His secret was completely exposed. Casting Carlos an angry glance, Matthew answered calmly, "It's not what you think."

Carlos snorted. "You're only nineteen. I didn't want you to date a girl yet, since you are not capable of supporting and protecting her at the moment. But, you are my son. It wouldn't take you much time to climb the ladder. Let your mother and sisters see the picture. If they are satisfied with her, I will grant you permission to date this girl."

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