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   Chapter 816 Every Father Becomes a Valiant Warrior

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Carlos was relieved when he saw his daughter had recovered. He stroked her hair and asked, "Hi Eve, everything go well in America?"

The Huo family had moved from New York to Y City more than ten years ago. There were no relatives in New York anymore.

"Yeah. Hey, Dad, can I ask you something?" When Evelyn looked him in the eye, the expression in his eyes changed. Carlos sat down on the couch and smiled, "Go ahead."

"His leg..."

"I had someone do it," he said calmly.

"Why?" Evelyn was upset.

The smile on Carlos' face vanished. He looked at his daughter, who had lost control of her emotions.

Realizing how agitated she was, Evelyn took a deep breath to collect herself. "You promised you wouldn't do anything to him."

"I only promised you I wouldn't kill him!" 'The bastard wanted to get away without paying the price for what he had done to my daughter? He must be high!' Carlos sulked, fury in his eyes.

Evelyn was rendered speechless. Finally, she said, "Okay. Dad, you can go to bed early, if you want. I need to unpack." Her father already figured out who the guy was. She knew that if she continued to argue with her father, the proud man would have Sheffield killed.

Carlos nodded. "He's just a doctor. He isn't right for you. Nor is Calvert. But you must be jet lagged. Get some rest. I fixed you up with a blind date. You can see him when you get some time."

Sheffield's position as a doctor wasn't why Carlos didn't want his daughter dating him. He was a known womanizer, and he was pretty tight with the dean's daughter.

"Okay, Dad. I'll go on the blind date," Evelyn replied flatly.

In Sheffield's apartment

By the time Joshua and Gifford arrived, Sheffield was drinking alone.

He was petting an Ashera hybrid cat. The cat had leopard-like spots all over its body. Lying there peacefully, the pet looked just like a cat. But if it stood up, many children would be scared away, because it was already one meter high before it reached adulthood.

Gifford waved to the cat and said, "Bailee, long time no see!"

The feline named Bailee stood up and walked slowly towards Gifford. Joshua kept a distance away from the cat and looked at Sheffield in disgust

such an establishment. However, Evelyn, who had disappeared for two months, showed up all of a sudden and saw him in that shop with a woman. Of course it looked bad.

"In a hotel, in bed with some other dude?" Joshua replied without hesitation.

"Fuck off!" Sheffield rolled his eyes at him.

Gifford thought for a while and answered, "On the operating table."

"Yeah, right. Don't curse her, okay?" Sheffield really wanted to stand up and slap them.

Kicking the table, Joshua said, "Then just spill it. Don't keep us guessing."

Sheffield let out another sigh. "I saw her in the lingerie shop in Shining International Plaza, and I was with Dollie."

The apartment was quiet for a few seconds.

Then, there came a fit of wild laughter. "Hahaha..." Joshua was the first to burst into guffaws.

Gifford also grinned.

After a while, Gifford seriously looked at the man holding a bottle of wine in his arms and asked, "So who do you like better—Dollie or this other girl?"

"What do you mean?" Sheffield leaned against the sofa with his eyes closed.

"Don't you have a woman you like now? Why are you still with Dollie?" Gifford was confused.

"She's still of use to me. Sidell thinks that I get close to him because I have a crush on his daughter. This way, he won't suspect me," Sheffield replied casually.

Raising his eyebrows, Joshua said, "You know that Dollie has a thing for you. You don't like her? Why are you playing with her feelings?"

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