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   Chapter 815 The Chance Meeting

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Evelyn grabbed her bag and stood up. "Is there anything else, Mr. Ji? If not, I'm leaving."

Calvert stood up too and warned, "Evelyn! You can only be my woman. I will not allow you to be with another man!"

Evelyn smiled. Fiddling with the ruby bracelet on her wrist, she said, "A lot of men have said those same words to me..." Including the man who had held her close and called her "Eve" that night in D City. Her smile faded and she arrogantly looked at Calvert. "Get in line, Mr. Ji."

She elegantly walked away from him, leaving Calvert with zero chances to speak.

A venomous look appeared in his eyes as he watched the woman disappear from his sight. 'Evelyn Huo, no matter how arrogant and unwilling you are, you can only be mine for the rest of your life, ' he thought to himself.

She took the elevator down, but did not notice the number on the screen.

When the doors opened, without realizing it, she followed two other people out of the elevator.

As the doors closed, she realized that she was on the second floor.

She glanced at the brand shops around her. She was here anyway, and so decided to take a look around.

Evelyn seldom went shopping. As soon as she entered a clothing store, she pointed to a row of newly listed women's clothing line and said to a saleswoman, "Size S. Send them all to this address." She took out her name card from her purse and handed it to the woman.

The saleswoman was shocked. She took the card which only had an address on it and confirmed again, "All the clothes in this row?"

Evelyn shook her head. The saleswoman's heart sank. Then, Evelyn pointed to another row and said, "These as well."

The woman's heart raced and her eyes popped out. "Sure, sure. Ma'am, please wait a moment."

Evelyn wandered around the store. When she passed by the cashier's desk, she gave her bank card to the cashier and said indifferently, "It has no password. Send the card and the clothes to this address."

Then, she turned around and left.

"Yes, no problem! Ma'am, thank you for choosing our

ent in a hurry. He turned on his computer and cracked into the surveillance system of the building.

He checked the camera in front of the underwear shop where he had seen Evelyn that afternoon. She had walked into the shop he was in from another clothing store on the same floor. She had lunch with a man on the fifth floor before going shopping. When she walked out of the restaurant, she was alone.

He zoomed in on the video and saw Calvert's face pretty clearly.

Evelyn left the shopping mall after she had seen him and got into a black car which was parked in front of the building. Sheffield quickly cracked into the traffic cams as well. Due to one broken camera, Evelyn's car disappeared at a crossroad and he couldn't find the car anymore.

When he was about to investigate about that car, he smirked at himself. She didn't even want to talk to him. Why did he still want to investigate who she was and where she lived?

When her father had sent his men to break his leg, they told him that she wanted him to know that all connections between them were broken, along with that leg of his.

After returning home, Evelyn suppressed her irritation and listened to Miranda and Debbie patiently, while she waited for her father to come home.

It was late evening when Carlos came back to the manor. Evelyn gave him a warm hug as usual. "Dad, I'm back."

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